When Pets Become Guinea Pigs

Whatever the reason pets are given up, it’s slightly comforting to think that the people who surrender them to shelters are at least trying to make an attempt to give them a chance at a new life and a new forever home. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

A new study, Dying to Learn: Exposing the Supply of Dogs and Cats to Higher Education, has exposed the practice of colleges and universities using former pets for dissections, surgeries and other experiments.

There were 92 schools used in the study, which found that many are unethically sourcing animals, along with using them for unnecessary procedures. Additionally, violations were found regarding dealers who supply these schools.

Class B dealers, who supply many of these animals, often obtain them through shelters, classified ads, auctions and according to the USDA, even theft.

On the flip side, the study also found that students can learn just as well through alternative teaching methods that can include hands on training at shelters for vet students and simulators, that have been approved by the American College of Surgeons, for medical students.

Oklahoma State University’s Veterinary School, for example, just ended the use of terminal surgeries on dogs, and has started a new program for vet students that involves spay/neuter surgery training for shelter animals that will be placed up for adoption afterwards.

We don’t need to torture and kill to learn. Please take action through the American Anti-Vivisection Society to cut off Class B dealers, and to stop pound seizures and sales.  

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Marilyn K.
Marilyn K5 years ago

We cannot claim that we are civilized human beings while torturing, abusing and killing wild life that do not have the sophisticated weapons that we have created to defend themselves and their habitats. They kill for food or self defense while civilized human beings kill for pleasure, greed and personal monetary gain.

Caro M.
Kristy M5 years ago

It's disgusting!

Cindy C.
Cindy C6 years ago

signed the petitions and thank you for letting us know awwwww

John S.
Past Member 6 years ago

Lets hope they use alternative methods for teaching.

Eileen Novak
Eileen Novak6 years ago

There are ample computerized models available.

Nicole Oliva
Nicole O6 years ago

we're a world of killers and torturers

Masha Samoilova
Past Member 6 years ago

why can't we eliminate class b traders, what purpose do they have?

Helen T.
Helen T8 years ago

If people would be more responsible about spaying and neutering their pets, and not be so willing to surrender them to shelters for the sake of convenience, the supply of animals for this purpose would dry up.

The problem isn't the schools. It's irresponsible owners, backyard breeders, and puppy mills.

chris b.
chris b8 years ago

Killing for learning reinforces the Sarah Palin syndrome of kill kill kill and kill again, it's bloody fun! Keep killing out of schools! Schools should reinforce ethical concepts of kindness and compassion which are hardly compatable with children butchering small creatures! Personally I was revolted by seeing earthworms boiled alive in the classroom as a child prior to dissection!

Tara K.
Tara Knight8 years ago

Every time I see articles etc on animal testing, experimenting etc I ask the same question: What gives us the right to do such horrific acts? why do we (ie humans) seem to believe that we are somehow "better" than other living beings, and are therefore justified in using everything/one around us to our gain? Of course my answer is "WE DON'T"
(PS Christianity, mostly Catholicism, is largely to thank for the twisted belief that we are "better" and "entitled" to exploit all around us)