White Teens Murder Mississippi Man Because He’s Black


For those thinking this country has gone post-racial, take a look at what happened in Jackson, Mississippi.  According to Hinds County district attorney Robert Shuler Smith, James C. Anderson, 49, was beaten and killed by a group of white teenagers from a predominately white town who had been at an all-night party but decided to drive to Jackson looking for some African-Americans to “mess with.”

These boys did not simply mess with Mr. Anderson.  They beat him to a pulp while at least one yelled “white power!”  And when they were done beating him they ran him over.

The murder was caught on video tape from a nearby motel.  Witnesses told police that one of the suspects laughed and bragged about the murder.  Two teenagers, Deryl Dedmon and John Rice, both 18, have been charged in the murder.

According to the district attorney, both boys have a history of harassing white teens who had black friends and would also harass gay teens.

The attorneys for the boys don’t believe race had anything to do with the attack and friends have started a Facebook page to argue for his innocence.  Family members have taken the defense one step further and are arguing that the boy is the victim of reverse racism.

So far the victim’s family has remained quiet in the face of such an unimaginable tragedy.  Here’s hoping they can find some peace, that this is an isolated tragedy and that Mississippi is not, in fact, breeding a new generation of sociopathic racists.

Photo from blakeemry via flickr.


Pete J.
Pete J.6 years ago

Well, if that guy had a pistol with him those teens would retreated once the seen the barrel pointing right at them.

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

robert c. is an insensitive piece of crap. what if victims of racial discrimination saw his comments. i hope this guy's family is ok though.

Catt R.
Catt R6 years ago

Robert C.

excuse me...? are you saying this did not happen because "One more thing.. blacks can walk down any street in America. Walk into any bar or restaurant without fearing for their lives.. but if you, a white man walk into a black night club in a black neighborhood, you are not likely to leave with out without being severely beaten. Or dead. Fact."
I think the fact this man was beat to death for the crime of being black, makes your claim that there is no such issue pretty weak.

Mick R.
Mick R6 years ago

Robert C - Your rationalization that we "liberal twits", as you so eloquently phrased it, "don't say a damn thing." is just that, a rationalization. There are racists of every race and most liberals deplore any and all racism. And as for your point about how safe it is for Blacks in America, I just refer to this story to show how ignorant that statement is. Not many facts in what you say, sorry.

Mady Marantz
Mady m6 years ago

Join Southern Poverty Law Center that tracks and counters hate crimes. learn the explosion of hate groups across this country in recent years. The hateful white teenagers no doubt have parents or relatives who were or are KKK. Wake up folks-racial hate continues and in poor economic times it explodes.

Sharon Cassidy
Sharon Cassidy6 years ago

Robert C's comments are indicative of a mean spirit. Those "boys" were taught that terrible murderous hatred. and That hatred is still being taught, sadly. That crime deserves life in prison w/o parole. (I don't believe in the death penalty.)

Scott Riley
Scott Riley6 years ago

There is still a long way to go when it comes to racism in this country. Education is so important!!!!

Now, if only our government would stop wasting taxpayers money and invest in the future of its' people. Then the perpetuation of hate might eventually be 'abolished'.

Ellene J.
Past Member 6 years ago

BTW, to Robert C., you offend and disgust me. It's people like you that perpetuate racism. The US was built on the backs of African Americans. Free slave labour is how your country was built. The freedoms you enjoy, the opportunities you enjoy were out of reach for them. And still, they are kept in bondage through poverty in many places. How dare you say something so inane. Dum__ss

Ellene J.
Past Member 6 years ago

Parents were probably racist too. Little bas__rds should be tried as adults and sent to prison where they will hopefully become the bitc__es of African American inmates.

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon6 years ago

As a native of the American South, I profoundly resent and reject the ongoing comments all too frequent here on Care2, as everywhere else, to the effect that Southern people are backward, ignorant, hate-filled, subject to irrational religious impulses, etc., etc., ad infinitum. There are no more...and, alas, no fewer...sociopathic individuals or people overwhelmed by their own prejudices and ignorances in the American South than there are anywhere else. Perhaps someday we actually will reach the point at which we can respond to one another without slurs base in race, ethnicity, gender, sexual preferences, lifestyle choices, clothing styles, length of hair...the list is endless...and also based in regionalism.