Who Are the 99 Percent? Story #24

I am a lucky one. I have enough money to eat 3 of 4 weeks of the month. I have been paying student loans for 15 years and still no dent. My husband lost his job as an educato, budget cuts. I work but have not had any cost of living raises for 8 years of “outstanding” work due to budget cuts. Last year I took a 10% pay cut to “do my share” and keep layoffs at bay.

I lost my house.

I went bankrupt.

I still am paying over $1,000 in student loans for myself and my husband and that is just interest. We will not have children. How could we when we can’t even feed ourselves.

I work full time. My husband sells my artwork if he can while looking for work. When I am off work I come home to make and sew things to sell.
I am almost 40. No savings. No retirement. No hope. No chance. I am the 99%.


Photo from We Are the 99%


Michael C.
Michael C6 years ago

The 1% has stated that they have been wrongfully targeted and they have announced that they will begin a campaign against those traitors to capitalism, those greedy 99% activists.

The 1% have vowed to occupy a Hilton Hotel in every major city in the US, they have further vowed that they will not be removed, no matter how much it costs YOU, the American people.

As an act of reconciliation, the 1% has publicly suggested that all Americans begin to take better care of their cars and vans, they might well become your next home.

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith6 years ago

I know how you feel. I am in debt from 4 years of college. I have a Bachelor's degree as well as 1 year of Paralegal Studies Associates degree behind me. I hope to find a paralegal job when I get done, but it's not looking so good right now...

Nancy L.
Nancy L6 years ago

At least they were smart enough not to have kids. It aggravates me when people don't have a lot of money but then have kids anyway and expect taxpayers to take care of them. If you can't afford them, then don't have them!!

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

Makes me want to cry to read these stories.

Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie6 years ago

tell to the workers in south carolina

Out sourcing has been going on for 50 years, first steel then textiles, the electronics in the 90"s, it's nothing new.

Keep shopping at Wal Mart or buy American

Glenn M.
Glenn Meyer6 years ago

Mike C.,

Probably what she meant was that the tax benefits are so skewed in favor of out-sourcing and off-shoring U.S. jobs that ALL so called "job creators" would be crazy to keep jobs in the U.S. and that unless it is a union job it is subject to being removed.

That is why we have to change the tax laws so that it addresses out-sourcing and off-shoring directly. It is also why tax breaks to the wealthy have not worked. It was proven in the Bush era ending with the "worst financial collapse since the great depression," and in case you missed it, Obama is still pouring money on the rich and famous. Still no jobs. That is because the so called "job creators" are too busy in China and India to waste time here in the U.S.

In fact by pouring money on the wealthy business owners this country is providing more funding for the out-sourcing and off-shoring that the so-called "job creators" prefer leading to an even greater loss in U.S. and certainly not creating anything remotely close to prosperity in this country.

Job creation legislation (in China) from the Corpublicans.

Elizabeth K.
Elizabeth K6 years ago

Mike C.

"The ex-House Speaker who promised millions of jobs from ObamaCare says that not creating jobs is better than creating nonunion jobs."

Source or quote please, you make so much stuff up I'd like some verification of this.


Mike Chrissie
Mike Chrissie6 years ago

The ex-House Speaker who promised millions of jobs from ObamaCare says that not creating jobs is better than creating nonunion jobs. But then she also believes unemployment checks grow the economy.

The Peter Principle applies to politics, and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be its poster child, having risen to the level of her incompetence. Her latest pearl of wisdom came in an interview with CNBC in which she said if you can't be a union worker you should be unemployed.

"Do you think it's right that Boeing has to close down that plant in South Carolina because it's nonunion?" asked host Maria Bartiromo.

Pelosi's quick answer was "yes."

Pelosi said she preferred the plant in the right-to-work state would unionize; failing that, the National Labor Relations Board is right to shut down the plant where Boeing hopes to build its Dreamliner passenger aircraft.

Never mind that workers at the South Carolina plant were once unionized and voted to kick the union out. The Vought Aircraft plant, which Boeing purchased in 2009, was once one of Boeing's suppliers.

Marie Therese Hanulak

It's all so depressing!

Portland Neola
P. L. Neola6 years ago

Wow, despite being 10 years older, this is me except for the husband and the school loans, because I am divorced, and I paid off my two school loans, but everything else applies!!!

I suffered two major pay cuts along with a cut in weekly hours, as did everyone else in our company, nearly two years ago and four months after the recession! Our company was trying to NOT lay off very many people, and they came up with this great idea. While we were being dealt these losses, the company promised to restore everything as soon as possible. At the time, I—and probably everyone else—thought that in a year everything would be restored. I never foresaw more than one year working as underemployed, and I honestly do not believe the company expected the economy to get even worse after the recession.

Two years later, the company is still struggling, and the company is 1/3 of what it was before the recession. At present, I honestly have no idea if the company will ever be able to return to what it once was!!! As a matter of fact, I heard rumors that the company was barely able to make the payroll for a few months last winter. I hope this winter is not the same!!!