Who is Warren Buffett’s Secretary? [VIDEO]


President Barack Obama’s announcement that he will be pushing for the “Buffett Rule,” a new change in code that will tax income from investments at a higher rate, was allegedly inspired by Buffett’s secretary, whom billionaire Warren Buffet claims pays a higher portion of her income in taxes than he does.

Debbie Bosanek is that secretary.† And she really doesn’t want to talk about this.

Reached via telephone at Berkshire Hathaway’s Omaha offices on Tuesday morning, she sighed and politely responded: “I’m sorry, I’m not doing any interviews on that.”

“I understand you must be getting deluged.”

“I’ve got to let you go. Bye-bye.” With that, she hung up.

Her refusal to discuss the issue with news outlets isn’t surprising, though. According to Slate, Bosanek is the queen of the non-comment. “At one news conference, she reportedly wore a T-shirt that said, ‘Hi, I’m Debbie B. Warren is not available, and I have no comment.’”

But others have stepped up to take over the discussion for her.† Moveon.org has launched a new video campaign, “I am Warren Buffett’s Secretary.”† And conservative website The Daily Caller has responded with their own version of what Buffett’s Secretary would have to say.

Watch the videos below.† I feel certain I can say that Bosanek would have no comment regarding either of them.

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Photo credit: Pete Sousa


Donna R.
Donna R6 years ago

I hear the GOP hates this. I don't know if they do or not but I can't help but wonder why would they hate this. Could it be because to segregate a class of people is a bit socialistic?
Could it be that's why some of the dems hate it too? Remember there's the far left, they are sickening and no one will ever give them enough money. Then, there's the far right, almost equally sickening because they make religion part of the platform. Then, there's the socialists, that's just plain scary! What makes the most sense is if anyone wants to pay the federal government more money to be applied towards taxes, get out your check book be it Warren Buffet or anyone else and make your own choice, forget about having a bill to regulate it.

David Menard
David Menard6 years ago

Most of the politicians are rich. Anybody think they would vote to make themselves pay their fair share of taxes as if.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L6 years ago

You are blaming President Obama for the 3% GE pays?!?! Please learn how your government works before you write anything so stupid.

The tax rules need to be rewritten and while others are figuring out how to do this to make it fair for all Americans the weathest among us should pay more and the loop holds for corporations should be closed.

Gloria Morotti
Gloria Morotti6 years ago

This entire debate is ridiculous. Of course people and corporations who make more money should pay more in taxes. Geesh.

Geoffrey Y.
Geoffrey Y6 years ago

Who created this, who want to fix the system? Vote will do but in a wrong way. However, for long term, voters and the same system will prove to be right. The fathers of the country was wise and understanding human's problem in thousands years. Today's pros or smarts are not wise in the busy modern world. Action driven is the "culture" or custom today but it won't work for a while.

William G.
William G6 years ago

The CEO of GE (Jeffrey R. Immelt,) is Obama's "Jobs Czar". Do you really wonder why GE only pays 3%? If Barack is serious about taxing the rich shouldn’t his people set an example?

Igor M.
Igor m6 years ago

It is amusing to see how assistant-Republicans are trying to find the reasons why rich paying at least the same tax as poor is not going to do good for the economy.

"Creating jobs" is not doing it, not any more. We have seen what they create - jobs for their pocket Congress members who they buy and now they do it anonimously. Thank you Supreme court for the "Citizens United", by the way, for making that happen.

Keep up ...

I am still waiting for someone to explain it to me why and how it is doing good for the economy that giants like GE pay 3% corporate tax whereas the corporate tax in this country is 34%. How does it make sense that oil, gas, and pharma are enjoying tax breaks ... Those are billions and billions down a few individuals' pockets.

Perhaps, someone should start investigating certain Congress members and make them talk under oath. Otherwise, we'll never know what their thoughts are. They keep on pretending they do not hear the question.

Come on, people, stop trying to deny the obvious. The class ware-fare is on and for now it is up in DC. The idiots will make it go down to the lower levels. We'll be seeing strikes, walk-outs, union activity, and all attributes of the class war. The nurses are walking out in CA (Oakland) TODAY.

If that is what they want ... We'll have to go through much darker times.

William G.
William G6 years ago

Are we to believe that if given more money government would pay down the debt? No they would use it as an excuse to borrow more money, and cover us in the ditch Obama likes to speak of with six feet of earth. There probably wouldn't be enough money left for a headstone or flowers.

If there was even a chance the extra money from tax increases would go to paying off the debt I might consider indorsing this idea. But we all know DC is broke in more ways than can be listed here. They would simply waste more money!

tiffany t.
tiffany t6 years ago

LOL Most in government would have to pay higher taxes, of course they do not want it to pass

Marg Wood
Marg W6 years ago

Why do you only consider millionaires to be rich. If someone earns $100,000.and pays $30% tax rate he still has $70,000. left and more counting other deductions! A person earning $60,000 would have have $42,000 left. The people with the lowest incomes should pay the lowest rate. Of course if Americans weren't so brainwashed that government run universal health care is a communist plot, the country would no longer be controlled by Insurance and pharmaceutical corporations and if the banks had stronger regulations, you would not be in the mess you are in now.