Why Do Cats Follow You Into the Bathroom?

They ignore you when you want to pet them, they don’t really care for games (seriously, why do you even try waving that string anymore?) but make your way to the bathroom and cats are all over you.

If you close the door behind you, a paw will most likely peek under it in protest. The cat wants in and it will claw its way in if necessary you’ve been warned!

This puzzling feline behavior has been a mystery to cat owners in search of privacy, and while there are no concrete answers, there are some theories.

Theyre all about that open door policy

Odds are when you go to the bathroom, you close the door leaving your cat to wonder what’s going on back there. It is part of their territory and so they like to be able to know that it’s all clear and there are no looming threats there. They usually go in and out of the bathroom if they want to, but closing that door prohibits them from doing so – and we all know how cats feel about not getting their way.


They just want some quality time

Dr. Justine A. Lee, DVM suggests that cats follow you into the bathroom because they know you have nothing else going on. You’re sitting there and they think petting them is a much better use of your hands than scrolling through something on your phone. They know as they request to be petted that they’re likely to get that affection because you can’t go anywhere at least not for a few minutes.

The are watching you closely

Another theory is that the bathroom offers a unique structure with a sink that puts the cat at eye level with its human as they sit on the toilet. This allows them to be the center of attention and feel like they’re in control of the interaction.

Theyre mimicking your routine

Cats are creatures of habit and will pick up on their human’s habits too, following their routine. Going to the bathroom is usually part of the human routine, happening when they get home from work or right after they wake up, for example, and cats will incorporate that step into their routine as well.

They dont care about your privacy

Cats don’t want you staring at them while they use the litter box or eat – or ever, for that matter – but they don’t understand that you feel the same way. Perhaps it’s the way you are always staring at them while they use the litter box, eat, sleep or play that gave them that impression, or maybe they just love you that much and can’t imagine you would ever want to be away from their fabulous selves. Can you blame them for thinking that way, though?


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Lorraine Andersen
Lorraine Andersenabout a month ago

Thanks for sharing

Renata B
Renata Babout a month ago

One of my cats (one of the Magnificent Seven) was allowed to go into the bathroom (the others were forbidden because it is where I kept and keep my indoors plants). Under strict supervision he was allowed and he was very proud of it. He loved to lie into the sink. Incredible. I took many photos of him there. He found it more comfortable of any bed and even any cardboard box. That says it all.

Renata B
Renata Babout a month ago

By the way: our dog is so scared by the room that he even refuses to go anywhere near the door: God forbid that he has a bath!!!

Michael Friedmann
Michael Friedmannabout a month ago

Thank You for Sharing This !!!

Hajnalka Havasi
Hajnalka Havasiabout a month ago

Hahahahaha they really hate closed doors. It was fun to read this article, thanks!

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Renata B
Renata Babout a month ago

Are really people using their mobile when sitting on the toilet???? Have things gone soooo badly?
I like the memes: very funny.

michela c
michela cabout a month ago

Thanks (my doggies never leave me alone, i.e. they ALWAYS follow me info the bathroom!!!)

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