Why Has the US Remained Silent After Scores of Palestinian Deaths in Gaza?

This week marked the official opening of the new American embassy to Israel in Jerusalem. As was the case when the White House announced this decision, large numbers of Palestinians have been protesting, primarily in the Gaza Strip — the border of which is a mere 50 miles from Jerusalem.

And just like a month before, Israeli military forces guarding the Gaza-Israel border fence have been swift to use lethal force against the demonstrators. However, this time, the violence has already taken a far greater toll.

As of writing, at least 60 Palestinians have been killed since the demonstrations began on Monday, May 14, according to officials in Gaza. On Tuesday, a large number of Palestinians gathered at various funeral services to bury those killed the previous day. So far, casualties have included journalists, first responders and women.

At least eight children have been killed as well, including 8-month-old Laila Anwar Ghandour. Her parents say that though they were not in the midst of the demonstrators, Israeli forces were firing tear gas canisters indiscriminately. For an infant, the gas proved to be fatal.

In addition to the dead, an estimated more than 2,700 Palestinians have suffered injuries — half due to gunfire. More than 100 are currently in critical condition. Emergency services including hospitals and clinics say they have been stretched far beyond their ability to help the wounded.

Between 35,000 and 40,000 individuals are believed to be participating in the protests. Israeli military officials have defended their haphazard use of live fire against mostly unarmed protesters, insisting that most people involved are agitators either coerced by Hamas to vandalize the border fence or paid off by Iranian agents.

While the Israeli military has claimed that they’ve thwarted would-be terrorists planting explosives on the fence, these reports are far and few between — and they scarcely justify shooting hundreds of people. No Israeli injuries have been reported, and Hamas has not only declined to fire rockets into Israeli territory, but the group has also officially stated that it only supports non-violent demonstrations.

Simply put, the Israeli military is responding using vastly disproportional force to the point of carrying out a massacre.

Unfortunately, the international reaction to Israel’s actions have been tepid at best. On Monday, the United States blocked a move from the United Nations that would have seen the creation of an independent international team assigned to investigating the violence in Gaza. In response, officials called for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday.

Why is the decision by the Trump administration to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem such a big deal? Boiled down, both Israel and Palestine still claim Jerusalem; in the interest of maintaining a modicum of neutrality, the United States — and the rest of the world — has traditionally declined to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of either nation.

While many have chalked the embassy move up to President Trump’s characteristic ignorance of geopolitical nuance, it is such an antagonistic decision that it seems difficult to believe this was anything other than deliberate — including the timing. After all, the opening of the new embassy coincides with Nabka — The Catastrophe — a day Palestinians mark as the beginning of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Was this merely a coincidence?

Take Action!

The severe, violent oppression inflicted by Israeli military upon largely peaceful Palestinian protesters on the Gaza Strip – Israel border is unacceptable. What’s worse, the international community is utterly failing to take meaningful action and hold those responsible for this slaughter to a high level of accountability.

In this regard, it is the United States that has done the most of any nation — other than Israel — to provoke the unrest in the Gaza Strip, and the country has gone out of its way to prevent even a small degree of international intervention. The U.S. must allow the United Nations to commit an independent, international task force to investigate the crisis in Gaza — meaning it must rescind its veto of the UN resolution.

Tell UN Ambassador Nikki Haley that she must take the steps needed to see that Israel is held accountable by adding your name this Care2 petition!

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Photo Credit: Jordi Bernabeu FarrĂşs / Flickr


Marie W
Marie W2 months ago

Thanks for sharing

Chrissie R
Chrissie R7 months ago

@DAVID fleming. So you can make informed decisions and form educated opinions.

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Sandra G
Sandra G8 months ago

There was a thoroughly beautiful & peaceful component of the Gaza border protest that received practically no attention in the media- except by me, as I had covered it in an article that I wrote for The Daily Kos (but please note that this is a site for Democrats, hence the references to Democrats in this): https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/5/6/1762112/-Doves-transport-peace-notes-from-Gazans-at-Israeli-border

And I'd also like to point out that the only way that this will ever be ultimately resolved, is for a reasonable solution to (finally) be implemented- and so this really ought to be the primary focus.

Past Member 8 months ago

Why ?

Chrissie R
Chrissie R8 months ago

Can we please stay with the topic? Everyone has the right to an opinion and to express that opinion without fear of recrimination.
Instead of spending your time insulting and bullying others perhaps you could research some FACTUAL history of the region instead of spouting PC inflammatory social media misinformation.

Adele E Zimmermann
Adele E Zimmermann8 months ago

Why is the United States silent on the slaughter in Gaza? Why did the United States block a United Nations investigation into the violence in Gaza? Because it is a direct result of our Idiot-in-Chief's decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem.

john c
john casablanca8 months ago

MilliSiteProbs M - thanks for the insight to your extremely prejudicial mind (that is what you call it). Typical of a TRUMPFY, such as you, never respond to a question, always attack, that's the best defense isn't it. Make assertions about peoples political beliefs, that you know nothing about and challenge ones sense of mental power, so that it would be as prejudicial as yours.FYI - No I do not have a bee in my bonnet, as the last time I wore any head gear was during my years in high school, playing different sports and when I was in the military, protecting people such as you. So, that you may express your opinion, even though it is in the minority. Have a wonderful life.
John C./Houston, Tx.

MilliSiteProbs M
MilliSiteProbs M8 months ago

john casablanca Got a bee in your bonnet I see! Hamas terrorists are innocent people? A Hamas spokesman admitted that at least 50 of those killed were Hamas' warriors! Not overly much Innocent there then is it, beheadings, etc. are the norm for those you champion, must make you really proud then does it?

Other than receiving rude obnoxious messages in my in-box from morons like you, or snoop noses that make rude comments to individuals on their profile, it is none of your business where I live, etc., my profile has zip to do with my comments and neither does anyone else's. By the sound of your post addressed to me, you were probably one of those that I blocked. You can have your opinion as I have mine, there is no need to be racist about it. If and when you can get your Hamas Terrorists buddies to actually talk about PEACE, (not a hope in H on that) and mean it, instead vowing "to wipe the all the Jews off the face of the earth", come and talk to me, otherwise use some common sense, and put your brain in gear, (you will note I am not insulting your brain then am I?). There is no need to throw insults, but that is the caliber of C2 true blue Liberal loyalists, can't think for themselves. Obama taught you well. Oh golly cheeze whiz, I made at typo, big deal so do a lot of other people, no spell check on C2, move on nothing to see here baba.

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