Why U.S. Media Won’t Show You These Protests

In recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of people in Spain have held a series of protests against their government, calling for an end to ongoing austerity measures. It’s big news, and yet, if you’re like most Americans, you’re not even aware of the Spanish uprisings.

And while part of that can be chalked up to a tendency to gloss over international issues, it goes deeper than that. The mainstream media covers other foreign protest movements like the Arab Spring, but with something like Tahrir Square, they can also attach the slant that the Egyptian people were fighting for democracy, a very pro-American notion.

Spain, however, already has a democracy. It also has a failing economy caused by the banks, as well as a government that protects the interests of the elite over its general population.

Sound familiar? The Spanish’s people attempt to take back their country could just as well take place in the United States. Frankly, the corporate-controlled American media doesn’t want to give anyone any ideas.

Especially given the popularity of the movement in Spain. Anytime you can get tens of thousands of people to surround a Congressional building and shut down business as usual is a threat to the system.  Of course, you’re bound to get a lot of people into the streets with a nearly 25% unemployment rate. And with the government instituting higher taxes and more cutbacks on social services and benefits, the people are similarly bound to reach a point where they will no longer stand for it.

Another thing the media doesn’t want you to know is that the movement is spreading. Currently, anti-austerity protests can be found in Greece and Portugal, too. Though the people are rallying against their respective governments, they have a shared struggle and justifiable rage that the countries’ richest individuals caused the financial problems, while the hardships and sacrifices are being thrust upon the working class.

Make no mistake: the powers that be see these protests as a legitimate threat. Why else, then, would they use the police to brutally beat and suppress the protesters? The videos that have emerged are frightening.

Warning: all of the below videos contain violence.



I imagine it’s hard to stay committed to non-violence while being struck repeatedly in the face with a club.



Of course, the American media does not want you to see these images, either. They don’t want you to see how a “civilized” government would brutalize its own people, much in the same way that the police impede journalists from capturing the oppression of protesters here in America.



The message from the police beatings is clear: do not voice dissent against the government. Despite these clear threats, the Spanish people have not been deterred, continuing to assemble en masse with tens of thousands taking to the streets again on Sunday.

Spanish unions are calling for a national strike in November if the government makes further cuts in the face of the overwhelming populous opposition. If the whole country effectively shuts down due to the power of the people, you can bet that’s another thing the American media won’t want you to see. Even if the American media won’t cover it – or perhaps because the American media won’t cover it – it’s certainly going to be a story worth following.


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Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M4 years ago

This was a very interesting, yet scary article and the videos I thought had police brutality in them.
Thank You for bringing awareness to me Kevin.

Ken G.
Ken Goldsmith4 years ago

In the developed west, every person consumes more than they produce. The exchange mechanism, usually money, has to be both available, and to have a value. Paper money USED to be "backed" by gold, in other words, the treasuries held actual gold to the value of the currencies they minted. That is no longer true, and every round of "quantitative easing" reduces the real value of every dollar in circulation. Perhaps the best example of that fact is Mugabe's Zimbabwe. The US treasury, (amongst others), is overwhelmingly in debt to China, which has bought US Bonds, and made loans to the US govt. That largess is reducing. Most countries of the world are seriously in debt. So where we are is, sources of credit are drying up, and printing money really only makes the problem worse.
There is no "good" way out of this. In both Australia and the USA, the left wing governments are increasing (in blatantly undemocratic ways) the mining of "exotic" fossil fuels, (in Aus., fracking CSG, in USA, fracking CSG and shale oil) at massive cost to human and environmental health, in desperate attempts to delay the inevitable financial collapse. This demonstrates that they know that financial collapse will be worse than the (IMHO scam) threat of AGW.
Those people joining demonstrations against austerity are really not helping themselves, or anyone else. The time would be better spent trying to increase their, and their countries, productivity. The world does not owe anyone a living, unless you are T

Jason S.
Jason S5 years ago

There don't you to know the true

Sara Servalis
Sara Servalis5 years ago

Iceland, Spain Protests & Robot Sex (Iceland Is Niceland)

Patricia H.
Patricia H.5 years ago

Thanks for posting

Stephen Brian
Stephen Brian5 years ago

Hi Tone :)

That level of corruption sounds seriously horrible, and I hope it can be addressed as soon as possible. Are the protests about that, though, or about the austerity-measures? I had understood that they were about the austerity which really cannot be stopped, but I have a feeling you know what is going on there better than I do.

Michael G.
Michael G.5 years ago

you can bet your sweet ass this will happen in the US if nut job Romney wins the presidency and he passes the Ryan budget..

Sheila M.
Sheila M5 years ago

We NEED to wake up - we are ALL 3rd world nations - we MUST ACT UP FIGHT BACK - There are more US - WAKE UP

Julie T.
Julie Thacker5 years ago


And make no mistake, they REALLY do want to rule the world, and not in a kind way.

Also, not letting the media show it all, is CENSORSHIP. They do that too.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago

This is why I watch BBC or anything but US National news.