WI Bill Makes It Harder To Fight Frack Sand Mining


Wisconsin has been in the news a lot over the past year or so, and its headline-grabbing legislature shows no sign of stopping any time soon. In the most recent attack on its own citizenry, the Wisconsin Senate has introduced a bill that would limit the authority of Wisconsin cities, villages or towns to enact a “development moratorium ordinance” on controversial frack sand mining operations throughout the state.

Hydraulic fracturing, a dangerous process used to extract natural gas trapped underground, has exploded over the past few years. In order to “frack” an underground gas deposit, a mixture of sand, water, and unknown chemicals are forced into the earth. While there are other states with more natural gas than Wisconsin, the state’s non-metallic mining laws and geography make it the perfect place to harvest the sand needed for fracking.

There are already about 60 frac sand mines operating in Wisconsin and about 40 more which are attempting to gain permits. These operations threaten local, protected wildlife and put thousands of acres of Wisconsin hills, farmland and woods at risk for becoming open pit mines.

“Wisconsin communities have been caught off-guard as corporations have swooped in to set up shop and begin extracting and processing the sand, without very much oversight to protect the health of neighbors or to protect the natural environment,” writes Sara Jerving.

In cities and towns where the citizens are unfamiliar with or opposed to frac sand mining, a moratorium provides a period of time in which permanent zoning or licensing options can be discussed. By requiring a written report from a certified engineer or health professional which would prove that a moratorium is essential in addressing public infrastructure or safety concerns, the Bill makes it more difficult for local governments with tight budgets to protect their citizens.

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Gerald Landry
Gerald L5 years ago

Quote LD B. More evasive non sequitur.

This has gone OFF TOPIC, this is about FRACK SAND MINING not the PRICE of GASOLINE.

And slamming the current President, funny we bought gas in Northern Minnesota yesterday for $3.79 and here in Northern Ontario it is $1.45 a litre. and we are sourcing oil from Northern Alberta, not the Middle East. O.T.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

Did someone just say that most Americans would rather have 4.11 gasoline than $1.99? That is a strange comment to say the least.

michael h.
michael hall5 years ago

mmm...911 happened on bushes watch
bush attacked Afghanistan even though no evidence proved osama did the deed
Bush lied about iraq and attacked and occupied
he allowed torture,illegal wiretapping,illegal survielince
and as for gas prices? mmm
Well in 2000 it was 1.51 a g.
2001 it was 152 ag.
2006 it was 3.03 a gallon it doubled under Bushes watch
2007 it was 3.07
2008 in bushes last year as 'president' the average was 4.01....
mmm... obama promised to get our troops home if elected at a speech in 2007 and he said; 'we could take that to the bank but instead just as bush did s months before they only took taxpayer money to the banks to payoff their bad gambles and debts...Just remember folks you may change the color of the clown at election time but you still get the same ol' puppet...

Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

Oh yes, Cheney and Bush pushed up gas prices to almost 1.25 and were accused of being in bed with the oil companies. :-) Here I thought I saw $4.11 under Obama, and he is hero for THAT? What is wrong with that picture.

I hope all Americans remember that gas was under a $1.25 before Obama became president. The middle east was fairly stable until Obama and Hilary decided to install the Brotherhood in all those countries. The Middle East problem is Obamas and no one elses as he has had his 4 years to do something and has just turned over 3 more countries into destruction.

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

The support for this destruction comes from consumerism. If we learn to live without consuming more than we absolutely need, we'll pull the pins out from under these companies. We'll never be able to stop them any other way.

Diana Roth
Diana Roth5 years ago

This is just sickening...all for the almighty dollar and greed.

Bill Reese
Bill Reese5 years ago

I am still laughing at the comments on here that claim the "President" has nothing or little or nothing to do with the price of gas in the U.S. . Yet, back a few years ago it was the evil George Bush and his crony that drove the price beyond a $1.99 and oh my god almost 2.30. If it was their fault for the high gas prices 4 years ago why is it not Obama's fault for 4.00 gas today. Do we have a double standard for gas prices? Just curious!

Myron Scott
Myron Scott5 years ago

Dunno, Carel. Maybe you have an agenda you are not disclosing. The way you are writing - with no specifics whatever - that seems plausible.

Jason S.
Jason S5 years ago

Good Posting, Thanks

Carel W.
Carel W.5 years ago

Buczynski may have an agenda with statements here. Dangerous, Clinton questioned meanig of word is.Commentating differs from journalism and IS she paid for this writing?