WI Union-Killer Bill Saves NO Money , Gov. Admits (VIDEO)

While the Wisconsin legislature was busy banning sick pay, its governor, Scott Walker, today admitted to Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) at a House hearing that the hard-fought destruction of collective bargaining didn’t save a cent.  See for yourself!

Photo by WisPolitics.com via Creative Commons


Rachel A.
Past Member 6 years ago

Give 'em hell Kucinich!

I may just vote for HIM.

Erika L.
Erika L6 years ago

It woke people up, at least, it seemed to for awhile. You can't skip voting in non-presidential years and assume everything will be all right.

Julie F.
Julie F6 years ago

amazingly telling! WOW.

Petra Luna
Petra Luna6 years ago

So non-fiscal means it doesn't affect the budget. In that case they wasted time and money to push this union bill.

Robert O.
Bob B6 years ago

This is not an attack on unions as some of you seem to think. Private sector unions such as Teamsters, Carpenters, Plumbers, Culinary Workers, etc. are not affected by any of this at all.

The government is just trying to reduce the stranglehold that Government Unions have on the State and all of the people.

pat B.
pat B6 years ago

He wants to destroy unions to please his true masters..the Kock Bros and the rest of corps who want to take everything away from us to put in their coffers and use all our resources.

Robert O.
Bob B6 years ago

When you honestly think about it, government workers don't need and shouldn't have a union because:

1. They have no competition that would normally compel them to bargain or act in good faith.

2. Wages, benefits, and working conditions can be set and monitored by an independent panel. This would ensure fairness to both the workers and taxpayers.

Jeanie Johnson
Jeanie Johnson6 years ago

Dennis for President! I agree, we have alarmingly short memories - but something tells me this time might just be different. The tea party folks are gathering in Madison today with Palin as their guest speaker. The counter rally will be huge - so people haven't quite gone away to watch Dancing with the Stars yet. Dennis - it was magic to watch you grilling Scotty. And for his part he looked half-lidded and sullen - angry that he was being treated like a naughty boy when he expected he was there to gather support. Recall Walker!

BC Hall
BC Hall6 years ago

Dennis Kucinich = Hero! He is a true American patriot protecting the American people! Love that man!

Mary L.
Mary L6 years ago

Busted but it won't do much good. The "Governor" can't be recalled until he's been in office for a year, a year from this month. We Americans tend to have very short memories.

By then who's going to remember?