Will Another Young Gun Be Dropped From The List?

Ohio Republican Congressional candidate Rick Iott got kicked off of the NRCC “Young Guns” list when various media outlets began reporting on his hobby of Nazi reenacting.  At the time, I noted that the GOP had no problems continuing to support candidates who had misogynist or outright abusive pasts with women.

One such candidate, also from Ohio, was Tom Ganley, running against Rep. Betty Sutton.  Ganley has been accused of sexual harassment

Now the accusations are actively affecting his campaign.  Via CNN:

Car dealership owner Tom Ganley, who is trying to unseat Democratic Congresswoman Betty Sutton in a northeast Ohio House race, will discontinue over-the-air television advertisements, targeting cable TV and radio in the final three weeks of the campaign, his spokeswoman confirmed Tuesday.

The Ganley campaign’s Meghan Snyder told CNN the decision is to reach a “different audience,” and get away from “the cluttered field of broadcast news.”

She said the strategic change, first reported by POLITICO, to the less expensive form of advertising is “merely reallocating resources” and not connected to a lawsuit filed against Ganley alleging sexual harassment.

Synder said Ganley has seen “an overwhelming show of support” since the claims surfaced, saying the campaign “won’t be deterred by the dirty tricks.”

“Dirty tricks?”  So does that mean the police are part of the trick, too?  Via WKYC TV:

Cleveland police are asking to interview car dealer Tom Ganley about an alleged sexual assault first mentioned in a civil lawsuit.

Cleveland Safety Director Martin Flask said police contacted Ganley’s legal team to arrange an interview.

Ganley’s attorney, Brent Buckley, says his client will cooperate with police.

Ganley’s accuser just filed a police report about an incident that allegedly happened at Ganley’s Cleveland Chevrolet dealership in the summer of 2009.

She filed a civil lawsuit about the alleged assault after mediation did not resolve the situation.

The Republicans seem to have less issues with bad behavior than they do having that behavior exposed in a national setting.  Now that Ganley’s sexual issues have hit prime time, will his time on the Young Guns list be drawing to an end, too?

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Ed G.
Ed G7 years ago

Could Lott be a Tea Bagger? They tend to be racists although they will deny it. Take as example Sara P and Cheistine O'Donnell
The both of them are in a fiery decent into the abyss of racism.
Any of the national tea baggers are skirting the edge and sooner or later they will fall in to the event horizon.

Kay L.
KayL NOFORWARDS7 years ago

Another improperly phrased question asking for invalid responses! Can't Care2 find an editor to fix the mistakes of their authorities who can't write or phrase a question logically?!

Re: "Will the Young Guns dump Ganely?"

Only the Young Guns group know if they will or will not dump Ganely. Unless we here at Care2 are members of that group, we cannot legitimately answer the poll question as stated.

The proper phrasing should be: "DO YOU THINK the Young Guns will dump Ganely?" Then, we would have a legitimate *opinion*.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Aludra, if we had strong Green Party candidates that would be good, but history has shown us that all the green party, libertarians, etc. do is take away votes generally from Democrats. I don't want to risk that this year.

I look at this election as a clear choice between Democrats, the party that history tells us provides for the people and Republicans that want to provide for business. I look at this election also as a clear choice between a religious right that would like us to become a Theocracy along with the ultra right wing of the party peddling hate vs the Democrats who will advocate for the civil rights of all our citizen.

This is not the year to gamble our future on third party candidates, there is too much at risk. Please vote and please vote for the Democrats this year. Will a very clear majority they and the President will have no excuses let's give them the chance to finally get it right.

Mary Alexander
Mary Alexander7 years ago

I am very surprise on how everyone looks at this. Reenactment and acting in a movie is the same it is showing history. I don't hear anyone complaining about an actor acting out as on Nazi in a movie. Enactments can be very educational. Now if they found out he believes in the Nazi teaching that would be a whole different thing. So no he should not be removed.

Claire M.
Claire M7 years ago

I don't think they will dump him unless the media coverage gets really big. Somebody queue Saturday Night Live please.

Michael M.
Michael M7 years ago

Pigs love to play in slop. What did you expect with these Nazi-wannabes "reenacting"

kate dyson
kate dyson7 years ago

We are in a time when everything one says or does can and often is put out 'there' for all to see...these 'young guns' grew up with this technology...you'd think they'd be a little more circumspect about things...rather than going off half cocked!

Mary L.
Mary L7 years ago

I certainly hope they do. Is there something about Ohio? I've always thought it was beautiful and friendly when I've driven through it.

Kathleen B.
Kathleen B7 years ago

Anyone wanting to associate themselves with Nazism, shouldn't be running for election. What has happened to America? Nazi impersonators, witches, beauty contest winners, wrestling promoters, and a black Muslim holding office.

Aludra N.
susan m7 years ago

If there is a Rep avalanche happens we are all doomed. Voters seem to have amnesia about the fact that obama was elected because 16 years of bush corruption has put this country where it is. Obama could not have made this big a mess in such a short time. Putting the fox back in the hen house is insanity... put them back in and things will get even worse, quickly... at least for those of us who are not wealthy. The Reps are owned and paid for by the big corps, which is what has got us here... why anyone would want anything more to do with them baffles me.

Want REAL change, we will have to get rid of both parties, they try to sound different but are 2 sides to the same coin. Neither party will change anything except to destroy the middle class completely. Remember it was the Reps who sent all your jobs away, and the Rep's who empowered the corps to rape and pillage our environment and wildlife. Anyone not wealthy who votes R is voting against their own best interests. They have always been for big business and look where it got us.

Want change... vote them both out, they are both totally corrupt. Lets give a chance to the Green Party or the Libertarians. Don't we have enough proof that both parties have failed us totally? Why would we cast a vote for either of them? Get out and vote outside of the 2 parties, and scare the hell out of them. Unless we unite and demand a change it will be more of the same and we will deserve it.