Will ‘Puppy Doe’ Finally Get Justice in Court?

Those who remember the Puppy Doe story may be surprised to learn that four years later, her accused killer has yet to go to trial. But that’s about to change.

Puppy Doe was a young female pit bull once named Kiya. Because of an unhappy set of circumstances, she ended up in the hands of a man named Radoslaw Czerkawski. What happened to her is the stuff of nightmares.

Czerkawski faces 11 felony animal cruelty charges  in Massachusetts for what he allegedly did to Kiya. His trial is now set for March 6, 2018.

Over the course of about four months, authorities say Czerkawski starved and tortured poor Kiya in a particularly gruesome way. Kiya had been “drawn,” which is a medieval-style torture that stretches the limbs until the joints pull apart. Her wrist, ankle and elbow bones were separated from their joints. Her leg bone was almost broken in half.

Kiya also suffered burns, a split tongue and a wounded eye. Life could not have been much worse for this poor dog. When she was finally rescued, she was in such bad shape the only kind thing to do was euthanize her.

What kind of sick mind does this to an innocent animal? One can only wonder how many previous animals suffered similar fates as the perpetrator became better and better at his nauseating pastime. It’s also worth wondering whether he had graduated to human killings yet. If not, he was clearly on his way in that direction.

It took more than one disturbed person to kill Kiya, of course. The irrational fear of pit bulls is also to blame here. Kiya’s loving owner had to give her up when it turned out her landlord and/or her homeowner’s insurance wouldn’t allow a pit bull — stories differ on that point.

Unfortunately, the person who adopted Kiya didn’t keep her, but instead offered up the dog on Craigslist — that’s always a mistake. In this case, the seller asked for $40 for Kiya, and he sold her to a man who showed up well-dressed and driving a late model luxury sedan. That man was reportedly Czerkawski.

Typically, the concern is that “free” dogs will end up as bait for dog fighting rings. Here, though, poor Kiya was adopted by Czerkawski, who allegedly tortured and starved her over the course of weeks or months. Can you imagine the agony of finding out that this is what happened to the dog you were forced to give up?

Contact a rescue group for help if you have a dog or cat you can’t keep, or if you know someone in that position. These groups are all over the place, and they exist for this very purpose.

Spread the word, everyone. If you know anyone trying to get rid of a pet, urge them not to do it on Craigslist. In so many cases, only heartbreak will follow.

Breed discrimination started the wheels turning that ended up allowing sweet Kiya to end up in the hands of a monster. When will this shortsightedness stop? There are no bad dogs, and no bad dog breeds. It’s all in the training and socialization of the individual dog.

What of Czerkawski? Finally, judgment day is at hand.

It took four years to get Czerkawski in front of a judge because of a laundry list of delays. The trial, originally set for August 2017, has been delayed four times.

Once it was because Czerkawski suffered an injury in prison that supposedly would have made it too “uncomfortable” to sit through an entire trial. (Czerkawski is already behind bars for unrelated charges.) Then the case had to be delayed again because the prosecutor needed emergency surgery to save her eyesight.

Finally, though, it looks like the court date is truly set. I hope the four intervening years haven’t served to make everyone forget about poor Puppy Doe. Kiya must be remembered, honored and fought for. She needs justice.

Photo credit: Animal Rescue League of Boston


joan silaco
joan silaco18 days ago

Your next serial killer!

Irene Leggett
Irene Leggett19 days ago

One wonders how long it will be before this sadist becomes a 'serial killer'

Judy t
Judy t21 days ago

And Craig's List is still going strong with owners listing their pets for free giving sharks like Czerkawski fast opportunity to prey on the easy convenience of removing them from the owners who are only glad to to get rid of them in a hurry and always post the same o'l line "we can't keep it or afford it or we are moving and can't take it with us". Or they make the re-homing fee so cheap it is laughable for the abuser to purchase. Once the animal is in their possession and driving off it is too late. It should be outlawed to list animals on Craigslist. There is a Free items category on Craigslist that people also post their pets on which should also be banned. Czerkawski did a evil thing to an innocent animal who only wanted to be loved and cared for. His skulduggery act he had committed must be punished to the fullest extent. WE ARE NOW IN THE MODERN ERA AND ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Justice for Kiya!

Karen N
Karen N23 days ago

Poor Puppy Doe! . . . The treatment of this poor dog is absolutely sickening and those in authority will be even more sickening if they fail to keep this low life evil scum bag out of society, away from all animals and people permanently. It is not animals we should fear, it is the low life evil scum that exploit abuse and harm them that we should fear. There are many so-called humans in this world that serve no purpose in life whatsoever other than to abuse and be vile to animals. Anyone who can do this to an animal is also a potential threat to a defenceless human and therefore should not be allowed out in society ever, they should be in prison permanently . . . There is no place in society for barbarians! . . . In fact anyone with such a callous disregard for life really does not deserve the precious gift of life themselves . . . Sadly, the punishment this vile individual receives will be nothing compared to the agonizing suffering, torture, cruel and barbaric fate he subjected the poor dog to.

Karen N
Karen N23 days ago

When in fear of a person that is a potential threat to them, a dogs initial and natural reaction, warning and defence is to show their teeth and for doing just that they are then often labelled dangerous and given the death sentence, yet low life, cruel, vile and sadistic torturers such as Czerkawsk can walk around freely in society after receiving just a slap on the wrist. Even if they receive jail time it's often only a few months - yet evil scum like Czerkawsk are a distinct threat to other people, especially children! Most child abusers and murderers start off abusing and killing animals.

Nancy O
Nancy O25 days ago

what a waste of my taxpayer money to keep this fcking piece of shit in prison. i hope he dies in there soon

Chad A
Chad Anderson26 days ago

Thank you!

Pat P
Pat P26 days ago

Anyone who can starve and torture a poor sweet helpless animal, so severely, is not redeemable, in any way. The immense physical and emotional pain for this innocent puppy had to be overwhelming!

This sadistic psychopath, Czerkowski, will never be humane.

Life imprisonment, surrounded by animal lover cellmates. This sick freak has no soul.

NEVER give an animal away on Craig's List! There are too many extremely cruel psychos. Unless you know a person, well.--check with a reputable rescue organization, as indicated above.

Elizabeth C
Elizabeth Conlan27 days ago

What a poor sweet soul what she went through, l agree he needs to be put in front of the firing squad who done this cruelty to her.

Marija M
Marija M27 days ago

Will he?