Windmill Noise ‘Causes Cancer’ – 4 Things Trump Gets Dead Wrong on Wind Energy

President Donald J. Trump recently told a rally of supporters, “I know a lot about wind,” but like so much of what he says, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump doesn’t really know much of anything about wind, as a slew of bogus claims demonstrate:



Most outrageously, Trump suggested the other day that “the noise” from windmills “causes cancer.” While there’s still a lot that researchers are trying to learn about cancer, there’s literally no evidence to suggest that noise is a culprit, wind-based or otherwise.

It appears that Trump reached this conclusion from his favorite source: anonymous conspiracy theories posted online. On certain sites, wind turbines are blamed for all sorts of unsubstantiated health issues, but those people who are concerned with cancer would be much better served by not having energy that creates pollution.



Earlier in the week, Trump made multiple statements about the ineffectiveness of wind energy because “it only blows sometimes.” At a rally he said, “If it doesn’t blow, you can forget about television for that night. ‘Darling, I want to watch television.’ ‘I’m sorry, the wind isn’t blowing.’”

Trump’s strange dialogue between a couple is false in that the wind doesn’t have to be actively blowing for the electricity to be going. The grid can store energy from when it was windy to use in the future. Granted, there are still parts of the country where wind energy makes more sense than others, but no one has to forego television (Trump’s personal nightmare, admittedly) based on it not being gusty enough at a particular moment.



Another trope Trump has returned to time and time again is that wind energy is “very, very expensive” and just too costly to justify. Yes, renewable energy has cost more than oil as the technology is perfected, but in respect to the costs of exacerbating climate change, it’s a smart long-term investment. Plus, the gap in energy costs is shrinking rapidly, and wind energy is now cheaper than coal, an industry that Trump is still inexplicably attempting to keep alive.


Despite leading a terrible administration when it comes to issues of animal conservation and welfare, Trump often claims that wind energy is bad for the environment because wind turbines kill birds – as if he has any concern for the creatures.

Look, it’s true that turbines do kill some birds that fly into the blades, and that’s not something to take lightly. However, Trump exaggerates the number of birds and eagles killed by the technology, and the fuller picture is that far more birds die from the pollution and effects of burning fossil fuels than wind turbines. Wind energy reduces the number of birds killed by power plants, not that Trump would let you know that.


If you want to know why Trump is propagating so many lies about wind energy, it appears to go beyond his friendliness with the fossil fuel industry and stem from a longstanding grudge with the wind industry when trying to build a golf course in Scotland.

You see, Scotland approved the installation of offshore turbines near the spot Trump was planning to put his course. Both projects could coexist, but Trump was pissed that the windmills might detract from the golfer’s pretty ocean view, and said the turbines would “destroy” the country. Never mind that he cleared and leveled 1,235 acres of beautiful coastal land to create his course!

In other words, he’s been spreading misinformation about wind energy well before becoming a politician. No matter what he claims to know about the subject, disregard his talking points.


Chad Anderson
Chad Anderson1 months ago

Thank you.

JinnySITEISSUES L2 months ago

We could generate power for years with all the wind that blows out of Trumps mouth and arse. But then again it's undoubtedly polluted. Thanks for sharing.

Richard E Cooley
Richard E Cooley2 months ago

Thank you.

S M2 months ago

Why does anyone take any notice of what Trump says on anything to do with science, any ‘ology? He had very little education, he ended up in a posh juvenile detention place that America has, their Miliary schools!

Melanie S

I can't wait until he is no longer President. Can't stand Trump. Humpty Trumpty has to go!

Janis K
Janis K2 months ago

Trump is a complete waste of humanity, he has not one redeeming quality.

Gene J
Gene J2 months ago

This is the dumbest man ever to get near the Oval Office. Truth means absolutely nothing to him. Yes, he's still mad about his golf course, he's never forgiven, nor forgotten what he perceives as a slight in his entire life. The only thing that keeps him going is the ability to exact revenge on anyone he thinks has wronged him, which by now, is most of the world. Which feels the same way about him.

Mike W
Mike Wright2 months ago

You'd think a man named after a fart would know something about wind, right? Uh uh...

Fran F
Fran F2 months ago

I agree with the majority of these comments. Trump is a willfully ignorant lout and grifter who acts only for his personal benefit with zero interest in the common good.

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