Woman Investigated for Secret Births

For the second time sine 2003, a New Mexico woman is being investigated for secretly giving birth to a baby and not immediately seeking medical attention for the child.  The newborn, who authorities believe was born Sept. 24 was at first hidden in a closet in the 25-year-old woman’s home.  The baby was airlifted to a hospital in Albuquerque and is currently in stable condition despite being in “severe medical distress” when first discovered.

The baby was discovered by the woman’s mother.  According to reports, Katrina Vigil hid her pregnancy from her parents.

Charges against Vigil have not yet been filed as authorities complete their investigation.  Among one of the areas to be explored includes any similarities between this birth and a 2003 investigation of Vigil when she was a student at Eastern New Mexico University and secretly gave birth to a child in her dorm room.

The baby born in 2003 survived as well.  According to a reports, Vigil had become pregnant when she was 19.  Because she didn’t want her boyfriend to drop out of school to work full time and support the baby she told him she miscarried.  The day after giving birth Vigil took the baby to a park and pretended that she had found the baby.

The state’s Children, Youth and Families Department took custody of the baby boy and Vigil eventually admitted to police that the baby was hers.  She initially agreed to let the baby be adopted but then tried unsuccessfully to overturn the adoption once her parents found out about the baby.

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Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

A majority of people think that women should "be investigat[ed] for secret births"? Really?? So, what does everyone picture? Would there be a mandatory semi-annual pregnancy screening for every woman in the world? How exactly is that supposed to be enforced?

I really hope sometimes that people don't actually read the Care2 polls before voting.

Olufunmilola Ogunleye

Life is cruel. While some people are looking for a way out of their childless state, either thru adoption, thru artificial insemination or by any means possible, others are looking for ways of dumping them. may the Lord forgive them for their unlovin hearts.

Jewels S.
Jewels S7 years ago

The root problem is that parent don't understand that when they have children, they don't own them. They are in trusted to prepare them for the road ahead. The solution, parents need to learn and execute UNCONDITIONAL love. My family didn't know what it was either. Luckily I had always been a curious about life and learned early that I didn't have to believe everything my family believed. I feel very sorry for this girl. She was not prepared properly for the challenges that life throws at you. She needs help not punishment.

Nikkole Sadler
Nikkole Sadler7 years ago

Shirazeh T., My husband family IS VERY religious but if we had gotten pregnant before we were married I WOULDN'T hide my baby in a CLOSET for god sakes that poor baby could have died, it said the baby was in "severe medical distress"!!!!!! And its not like this was the FIRST time she was pregnant and had done something like this! WHY ON EARTH would this woman get pregnant a 2nd time knowing she didnt either WANT or was afraid of what people would think! If she was afraid of her family she could have dropped the baby off at a church or an adoption place not just in the park and then said OH I found a baby or put one in a closet and try to hide it! THAT IS WRONG she should have been way more mature about the situation! And i dont understand why you would think this woman should be able to have more children LATER ON when shes ready if she treated these babies like trash or something! She is obviously messed up or something it DOSENT matter if she has anything else going on in here life SHE knows theres a chance of her getting pregnant if she has sex so she should deal with the out come maturely rather than the way she did!

Shirazeh T.
Shirazeh T7 years ago

laura, there could be a zillion things happening in her life- lemme tell you something; im 32 & unmarried. my parents are SO religious that they would disown me. that could be going on...

to those of you who say that home births have been done since, literally, the beginning of time- i completely agree. my nana had my mom and all of my aunts/uncles at home. isnt that what pro choice is all about? not just choice on ONE issue, that cant be it.

speaking of choice: to those of you who are advocating for forced sterilization/birth control- i wanna say 'shame on you,' but im not in a position to speak to anyone that way. it's *critical* that women have choice. before, during *and* after pregnancy.

Laura Mitchell
Laura Mitchell7 years ago

What is going on in her life that she feels she has to conceal a pregnancy?

Chris L.
Chris L7 years ago

There is a difference between giving birth at home and caring for the child in an appropriate manner and neglect and abuse which this story does not distinguish between.

There are women who are not going to come forward for a variety of reasons and give birth in public settings. However, if those children are not neglected and abused, I am not sure why there is a need for CPS to investigate. It would seem a huge waste of resources hunting down healthy children.

However, there are also these abandoned children that die as a result of that neglect because women do not wish to acknowledge that a birth has occured. That is a crime and needs investigating.

This woman seems to need medical following based on this being her second issue. Some intervention seems needed as she can't seem to understand her neglect leads to death when alternatives are available to surrender the children.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

Abusive parenting???? She's 25 years old and has done this twice. At 25 years old you should be able to show some maturity.

I do agree she is mentally unstable and needs help. In the meantime she should have a court order IUD.

Kathy Wilson
Kathy Wilson7 years ago

There seems to be mental health issues and she needs education. OR ABSTINANCE.

Debra Willis
Decra W7 years ago

Many women have babies without the help of a medical doctor and without having to go to a hospital. It is a woman's choice. However, in this case, more information is needed. This woman sounds as if she has some psychological issues that need to be addressed.