Woman Saves 25 Dogs, Adopts Them All Out

Inspired by a site that counts down the days until a dog is going to be euthanized, a woman recently took a 788-mile trip to a small town in California to save an entire pack of dogs. Colleen Spalioni was stricken with grief and searching for a way to help animals. Last month her beloved companion Barney, a 2-year-old pointer, was struck by a car and killed when he wandered onto a busy highway. Looking for a new dog to take care of, she came across DogsInDanger.com.

After looking through the website, Colleen found a dog who was slated for euthanasia at the police station in a town near Bakersfield, California. She hired a teenage neighbor to help her and they drove the 7 hours to pick up the dog. When she arrived, she found 27 dogs who were all in the same boat. Knowing that they would all be put down, she decided to adopt them. She loaded them all into her truck and drove them home. Unfortunately, one puppy died on the ride home and two died at her home the next day.

It’s touching how far Colleen went to save the lives of those dogs. The latest news is that all 25 dogs have now been adopted out. That’s good news, but there are still millions more animals who need homes.

We have a huge companion animal over-population problem in this country. Every year over 4 millions dogs are put down in shelters. Shelters are always full and on the brink of bankruptcy. I’ve volunteered in shelters and I’ve seen dogs and cats receive their last injection. Not one person in a shelter wants to see an animal die, and they want even less to be the one who takes their life. It’s a lose-lose situation for the shelters, but the real losers are the animals.

There are countless adoptable animals who need homes, but breeders and pet shops continue to breed more and more. Breeding animals is the real problem here. Every time someone buys an animal at a pet shop like PetSmart or through a breeder, they are signing the away the life of an animal in a shelter. We can solve the companion animal over-population problem if we stop supporting breeders and make sure every animal is spayed and neutered.

Want to help? Pledge not to buy animals from breeders or pet-shops, adopt an animal from a shelter, boycott Petsmart, sign the petition telling PetSmart to stop breeding animals, send a photo to PetSmart, or join the discussion.

photo from Flickr, via CreativeCommons.org


Barb B.
Barb B9 years ago

What a Gem!

I am a Foster Mom for the Humane Society..how wonderful seeing an animal become adopted to a loving home and giving me the ability to love and care for 1 more that does not have to be kept in a kennel.

Bella Fitzpatrick
Bella F9 years ago

Wow Colleen is a special lady. God Bless

Lili Ochota
Lili O9 years ago

More power to people like this angel and may people like her increase in our human population.
essentially it is about educating all but particularly the younger generation.

Amy G.
Amy G9 years ago

Last I knew PetsMart does not breed & sell dogs or cats in any of their stores. I sent an email just to double check.
They have actually contributed to saving 3 million lives.

Amalthea Lalaith
Amalthea Lalaith9 years ago

What an amazing inspiration. God bless her for doing that. I pray all the homeless animals find homes this Christmas.

Dianne Kurtz
Dianne Kurtz9 years ago

I am a firm believer in adoption.All of my canine companions are adopted.I recently adopted Max,my 2 year old Golden Retriever from a kill shelter.He was there because his former people tried to starve him to death.But as we were picking him up after he was neutered,a man was turning in a very skinny beagle he did not want.My daughter over heard the shelter lady because of Hunter's age,he is 6 years old,they would put him down.Well my daughter said "mom!!!" and well we took him home and he is a part of our family.Max and hunter have gained weight.We have made sure they are licensed,vaccinated and microchipped.God bless those who rescue dogs and cats.

liz casey
liz c9 years ago

What an amazing woman. I have only taken in Rescue dogs for over 10 years now--the ones slated for death. We all do what we can. I signed the petition about Petsmart. Thank you.

Bronwyn H.
Bronwyn H9 years ago

God Bless her for her compassion for the animals and the courage to do something about this sadness that so many precious animals face. All my dogs are rescued dogs and they are so wonderful!

Adopt do not buy while so many animals die. Ban all Puppy Mills and selling of puppies and kittens in pet shops to stop this cruelty and over breeding.

jerie j.
jerie j9 years ago

I know how she felt. I drove from New Mexico to Pa. to rescue a cockatoo. He became my best friend. This woman went above and beyond- and I am sure good things will come her way. God bless her.

savina V9 years ago