Woman Says Police Forced Her To Say She Wasn’t Raped

A woman in Marion, South Carolina, claims that after being raped by a police officer, she was forced – by other police officers – to sign a statement denying that the assault was rape.† The police officer who the woman claims was the perpetrator been suspended, but not charged with a crime, and none of the other police officers were suspended.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the woman recounted how, after being in a minor car accident, she allowed Officer Tyrone Reed to enter her apartment, thinking that he was there to talk to her about the crash.† Instead, he asked her to enter another room, where he raped her and promptly left.† She called her boyfriend, who called the police, but when officers appeared, they removed evidence from the apartment, read her her Miranda rights, and told her that she “didn’t look like a rape victim.”† According to the woman, they threatened her with prison time if she didn’t recant the allegations.

“They kept saying if it’s not rape then don’t say it’s rape,” she said.† “Then I said if I didn’t agree to it or I didn’t consent to it, what do I call it?† They made me feel so bad,” she continued.† “Because I didnít scream loud enough or fight hard enough, [to them] I wasnít a victim. I never thought this would happen in my own domain.† I wasnít [feeling] threatened because Iím in my own space. The assault should have never happened. [The investigators] didnít have no compassion.”

Lack of compassion is one way of putting it – lack of respect for the law and basic human and civil rights is another.† You can contact the Marion city government and tell them to suspend the other two officers, Farmer Blue and Bessie Gause, here.

Photo courtesy of the US Military.


Barbara Erdman
Barbara Erdman7 years ago

Sadly, this does not surprise me.

Jayne Bridge
Jayne Bridge7 years ago

my name is jayne i have been raped and assaulted by two police officers and told me if i said anything i would pay they arrested me when mmy daughter went missing they said i was to emmotinal she had been gone for 4 days they took me to a ststion and stripped me then put me in a cell this is when it happened now they say they cant provide the cctv and also have accused me of having drugs on me when they searched me but no cctv again i am going to court for this and they keep coming to my home how will anyone ever believe me i have had a nervous breakdownn and my family wont talk to me please i anyone has any advice let me know and how can i move on from this i feel so dissgusting.

Dave Tohunga
Dave te tohunga7 years ago

a similar case in New Zealand resulted in police rapists going to jail and police who helped obstruct justice sacked!

Mary D.
Mary D7 years ago

I agree, Hillary. Just because a guy is a cop doesn't mean that he should be immune to laws that forbid committing crimes - and rape is a CRIME. The woman let him enter under false pretenses - and my guess is that she didn't fight because she didn't want to antagonize a man with a gun. I sure wouldn't risk that!

Hillary B.
Hillary G. B7 years ago

She should get a lawyer and sue the bast*rds. I'm sure there is a legal term for not being able to seek justice from those who perpetrated the injustice.

Myriam Garcon
Myriam G7 years ago

As it is, police seems to be there to protect the material possesions of the rich, not the wellbeing and safety of the ordinary citizen.

Loo Samantha
Loo sam7 years ago

and i thought the police force are supposed to help.

Glenda L.
Glenda L7 years ago

They should all lose their jobs!!

Claudia McCall
Claudia McCall7 years ago

An abomination. Who does she turn to now?

Kathlene Lentz
Kathlene Lentz7 years ago

If this happened the way it's told here, it was rape pure and simple. Rape perpetrated by a policeman is rape twice over: rape of the body AND of the mind. Then she was raped a third time by the officers who destroyed evidence and made her recant her charges. I hope they are all proud of themselves!