Women Doctors, Female School Athletes All Signs of “War On Men”

Have you heard about the “War on Men?”† Yes, the one that is threatening male dominance by allowing women to *gasp* hold jobs outside the house, and even let girls play sports at school?

If you think that there might be a systematic effort to try and force females back into traditional roles where they are ruled by their male counterparts and kept in their homes to tend the family, you are probably right.† But that’s for your own good, as one Minnesotan letter writer opines in the Fargo Forum:

It is their strategy to attack ordinary men as the heads of their families and other traditional institutions. They do this by pushing women out of their homes and into the workforce by creating an economy that requires both parents to work. Also, by pushing them into jobs traditionally reserved for men: soldier, police officer, firefighter, physician, truck driver, etc. And by pushing schoolgirls into highly competitive varsity athletics traditionally reserved for boys, just to name a few. God created us male and female. They are saying there is no male and female.

It is all just to blur the distinction between men and women. Having destroyed the role of ordinary men as leaders, they rush in to fill the void. Any wife who is contentious with her husbandís leadership, any woman who takes a manís pulpit, or seeks employment that has been traditionally reserved for men, has played into the elitistsí hands.

His advice?† Fight the evil folk who are trying to take women out of their rightful role of wife, mother, and…cheerleader.

Well, at least he’s not kicking girls out of school all together, right?

As for Mr. Ross’s “good men lead at home” line, well, it’s hard to imagine a strong family leader who turns out a child who thinks it’s fun to set turtles on fire and post the video.† Then again, Ross explains that away, too, with, “We and the other parents involved love our sons far more than these people love their stupid turtles and we believe they will turn out just fine.”

I guess when you believe in Biblical law as the guide to every day life, man has dominion over the animals and the women alike.

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Dale Overall

Fascinating. There is nothing like an occasional trek down to the deep dark chasms/lairs of living trolls/Troglodytes and shining a light for all to see their murky underbellies. Some still crawl on all fours and even set fire to defenceless reptiles.

Beneath his reptilian brain lies the deep fundamentalist belief that there is always a top dog, an alpha and the rest of humanity (female) must always accept inferior status. These creatures hang onto the ring, the "My Precious!" belief of obsessive wishing for what was.

Yes, fascinating to see some of these dinosaurs exposed through the mists of time, the mindset going back to Long Ago. For some, change is frightening and never accepted. The rest of us simply have to trek onwards and take stock returning to the light and reality. Sadly, for many women around parts of the world, the troll is still in control.

Anna M.
Anna M5 years ago

Scott G. wrote:
Not at all surprising that this right-wing whack job mentality that wants women subservient also DESPISES anyone who walks on four legs. The REAL war is a WAR ON ANIMALS!

Scott, you just gave me hope for humanity. (Not much, mind you.) Thank you for pointing out the ignored. You truly are awesome.

Scott Gurstein
Scott Gurstein5 years ago

Not at all surprising that this right-wing whack job mentality that wants women subservient also DESPISES anyone who walks on four legs. The REAL war is a WAR ON ANIMALS!

Brett Fullam
Brett F5 years ago

*shaking head in disgust*
The only men who feel threatened by women having jobs, participating in sports, and otherwise being EQUAL to men, are men who are utterly insecure in themselves. Insecure in their intellect, insecure in their employment, insecure in their sexuality.. in other words, absolute pussies. And the guy who wrote that letter may be one of the biggest pussies I've ever seen.. he's a pathetic example of a man. But alas, he is a typical representation of the males of the Fascist Christian-Republican right wing.. this is their mindset, and this is where they wish to send America back to. I have a better idea.. let's send THEM to the final darkness of death...

Lynn Squance
Lynn S5 years ago

Where were you Ralph H when I was growing up?
AMEN! to your comment. As a manager, when I hire someone, I try to look for someone who will compliment me, not be my clone. This is one time when 1 1=3! And the same goes for personal relationships. Someone to compliment so that the total is more diverse, stronger and more rounded.

Veronica C.
Veronica C5 years ago

There is such an air of superiority among many successful women that it is repellent. I don't like doctors in general, but I can't stand women doctors.

Amanda M.
Amanda M5 years ago

Somebody better check this idiot's watch, because it's running about 100 years slow! A CAT scan to determine whether or not he even HAS a brain, let alone one that functions, wouldn't hurt much either!

If having equal rights is considered a "war on men," then I have three words for this moron: BRING IT ON!

Nadine Hudak
Nadine H5 years ago

you go obama, I think he has done more for women than any other politician.

Tierney G.
Tierney G5 years ago

Well talk about putting people into molds and baking them in their easy bake ovens. What about men who LIKE and some LOVE to cook? Should we women bat them out of the kitchen like good little wives?
How stupid. Not ALL women are nurturers. You cannot force someone to be a mother and expect it to turn out well. It ususally does notand guess who suffers? The kids. Then they grow up to carry on the hate and abuse and on and on.
Get a life Mr and mind your own damn buisiness.