Women Hate Romney, Continue Moving To Obama


Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is inching closer and closer to the Republican presidential nomination, and it looks like no one will be able to stop him.  But his zeal to win over the more conservative members of his party is likely to have a dramatic effect on his general elections possibilities.

The more he runs, the less women like him.

According to the latest polling, women being asked which presidential candidate they prefer — President Barack Obama or Romney, are overwhelmingly picking the incumbent.  Obama has a 17 point lead among female voters.  In comparison, men prefer Romney to Obama by two points.

Considering the moves Romney has had to make to secure votes during the primaries, the gender gap isn’t very surprising.  Romney has come out strongly against a woman’s right to choose, and even against her ability to access birth control if she works for a religious organization or a boss who considers him or herself too “moral” to allow her to obtain it with the company insurance.  He’s joined the war on Planned Parenthood, which provides preventative health care for so many women without coverage.  He’s agreed to fight against the Affordable Care Act, which has assisted 20 million women with expanded insurance coverage and free preventative care.  And he joins his party in the fight to cut back on the social safety net programs like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security that so many more women than men end up relying on.

In fact, at this point, it’s a wonder that he actually has so much support from women in the first place.


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Maria Celia Hernandez

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Jessie Rodriguez
Susan Zitzler5 years ago

Vote Mitt Romney or look for hell in your life with Obama running this country into the ground. Ever political person has their faults, but I would rather vote for Romney than deal with the DEVIL OBAMA. He would do a lot more harm to all of us if he got in office again. This is not just about women rights, although I do not agree with Romney on this fact, I do agree with other issues he has. I do not feel that "WE" the people should have to pay higher insurance rates so that the insurance companies can pass out birth control for those women who should be buying it for themselves. Your sex problems and your sex life is not problem. Take your own precautions and a pack (large pack if necessary) of condoms does not cost more than a bottle of liquor. Want to prevent pregnancy, have other ailments requiring the pills, want to avoid disease---- buy your own stuff. Vote Romney and save the USA from 4 more years of hell, joblessness, poverty, foreclosures,etc. If he stays in office we WILL have a depression as that is his intention to destroy the USA in all it stands for and the way we live now. Dictatorship is his solution. Listen to his speeches, "everyone equal" that is dictatorship/comunisim-------------------------------------------------

Valerie P.
Valerie P.5 years ago

I used to be a Republican until about 10 years ago. They really went off the deep end.

There's still hope for them, but I think the only dogs left in the fight are that of religious fundamentalists and corporate lobbyists. So no matter who wins, I'm still out, unless they start competing with women's issues.

Inga S.
Inga S5 years ago

If you are a woman, of truely love a woman (not just want to subjugate and control her) The only Choice there is in this election is to vote Democrat.
It is a secret ballot for a very good reason!

Miranda Lyon
Miranda Lyon5 years ago

I don't hate Romney. I don't know him personally. I very much dislike the person he has presented himself as being during this campaign for the Republican nomination for the Presidential contest. I more than dislike what he stands for and what he wishes to do if elected. I would never vote for him for any public office.

"Hate" is an awfully strong word and I hope women in general make their decisions about voting based on their own values, the direction in which they want the country to go. Assuming women "hate" Romney is continuing the old canard that women act emotionally rather than rationally. Women have plenty of perfectly rational reasons not to want Romney in our highest public office.

Heidi Awes
Heidi Aubrey5 years ago

Republicans: Against child labor laws(7-8 yr. olds working in the factory), against women's sufferage ,(voting), against union labor, against minimum wage law, against 40 hour work week, against overtime pay, against Social Security, against the making of national parks(no mining or drilling). Is there any reason to vote Republican? Yes, if you are in the top 1% of the wealthiest in the nation.

James D.
James D5 years ago

If you are a woman the GOP is your enemy! Vote Progressive!

From a long time insider, here is all you need to know about any Republican candidate and the Republicans in general, as they are all essentially the same:


Christine Stewart
Christine S5 years ago

If you want women to have access to family planning services , you need to vote Democrat.

Ra Sc
Ra Sc5 years ago

Romney's policies are terrible for women, and not so great for men either. It's not surprising that people aren't liking what they see. Although it is a bit hard to know where Romney stands on almost anything, since he has changed his positions a lot. Sometimes I lose track of which stand he's taking currently.

Joe R.
Joe R5 years ago

And men hate Romney, too - for the same reasons.