Women Will Need To Spend Big This Election

If and until the Supreme Court does anything to remedy the disastrous Citizens United decision, or if an until a constitutional amendment banning corporate political spending passes, we are stuck with the super PAC. These dark money operations drive political advertising and help set the terms and the tone of popular political dispatch. That could spell bad news for women.

A recent report by CBS News shows that only about 20 percent of donations to outside groups like super PAC’s have come from women. Those donations added up to approximately $31,165,706 though almost half of that came from one woman, Miriam Adelson. Adelson’s husband is Sheldon Adelson, better known for shoveling cash to Newt Gingrich while his campaign was still alive.

While that number sounds low, it is actually representative of women’s presence in other areas of the public sphere, such as the percentage of women in Congress and the number of Fortune 500 firms run by female CEO’s. So that means that while women and women’s issues may dominate talking points, the conversation largely remains dominated by men. Until that changes and participation in terms of dollars to issues and offices held by women equalizes these issues will not evolve.

We know it can evolve. In fact, we’re witnessing that evolution already. Take the emergence of Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s media blitz around its endorsement of President Obama as an example. That campaign was made possible in part because of a donation from New York philanthropist Amy Goldman, one of the few women high on the list of super PAC donors.

Super PACs are our current political reality, unfortunately. And women have too much on the line in this election to ignore them which means we’re going to have to start spending.

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Natasha Salgado
Past Member 5 years ago

Hmmm....no comment. Thanks for the read.

Gary A L.
Gary L5 years ago

Rose L this applies to you because you are no lady. I read the comments from the two rightwing nut jobs and am amazed by their stupidity how do you morons vote against your own interests are you being paid to post here? that is the only thing that makes sense otherwise you both have exposed yourselfs as lacking any ability to think

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Stefan Dwornik

Marie this is care2 , to republican jackasses 101; your on the wrong site, and side. Piss OFF!!!!

Marie T.
Marie T.5 years ago

I want to laugh at the so called war on women! Because Republican's don't want to pay for birth control there is a war on women???? Give me a break. If you want pills go buy them. Planned Parenthood SHOULD not be taxpayer funded!!!!! It is insane the number of babies being aborted in this country, but it goes part and parcel to the Dems agenda of reducing populations. I am all for choice, but this is insane over 300K babies aborted every year in this country. We should be ashamed. Most of which are african america babies, so don't think the democrats care they don't. The fake argurment over abortion should NEVER be paid for by taxpayers. Now we have gender specific abortions. Are we China? If Obama is re-elected America will be forever changed. HE is not a person to believe in capitalism, so I hope Americans are not duped by the distractions like birth control or that silly pawn Sandra Fluke. Birth Control is available to ALL women you can get them very cheaply at Planned Killhood!

Stefan Dwornik

Republicans and they're Super-Pacs have over a billion on hand for this election, but Women/Americans don't be hood winked into thinking real change comes with money spent. We are sorely in need of truth/change & that will be accomplished by organizing in large numbers, picketing, pulling out all the stops with e-mails, door to door, and by phone. This election is important, it will seal the U.S. future, so ALL of US must VOTE, it is a duty, a trust.
May be it is time we laid out a format of what our ELECTED government Will and Will Not do; stop full-amount raise they've been giving themselves every year(EVEN NOW) since W.W.2, protect the right's of all, put real money into a collapsing infrastructure, job development, and limit trade to a fraction with CHINA until it competes on a level playing field
And sooooo much more, what would you change/improve/eliminate?.

Deborah F.
Deborah F5 years ago


Ben H.
Hans Speidel5 years ago

We all need to spend big this election. Republican victories will be a disastrous for everyone.

Ray M.
Ray M5 years ago

Women need to vote democratic his election. Their freedoms depend on it.

Mari Garcia
Mari Garcia5 years ago

It always boils down to how much money a person has or gives.

Roberta G.
Roberta G5 years ago

Rose L...Did you read about the Republican aide to a NY state legislator who said, Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators" ? And...he was dumb enough to post this online.

You see why women should think twice (at least) before voting Republican? Some Democrats say and do stupid things, but I have never heard of a Democrat advocating hideous and painful violence against women, or anybody.

You describe yourself as a "conservative southern lady". Well, I am a liberally moderate (or moderately liberal) mid-Western older lady who believes in hope and change.