World-Class Athletes Are Investing in Vegan ‘Beyond Meat’ Products

You know their names and their achievements as athletes. Now, you’re going to know that they’re such big fans of vegan meat, they’re investing in it.

Beyond Meat has announced an impressive group of A-list sports figures who’ve put their money into making this plant-based company grow:

  • Kyrie Irving – Boston Celtics
  • Shaquille O’Neal – retired professional basketball player, TV sports analyst
  • Lindsey Vonn – newly retired Olympic gold medal ski champion
  • Chris Paul – Houston Rockets
  • DeAndre Hopkins – Houston Texans wide receiver
  • Victor Oladipo – Indiana Pacers
  • DeAndre Jordan – New York Knicks
  • JaVale McGee – Los Angeles Lakers
  • Harrison Barnes – Sacramento Kings
  • Malcolm Jenkins – Philadelphia Eagles safety
  • Derrick & Charity Morgan – Tennessee Titans linebacker and his plant-based chef wife
  • Alex Honnold – professional adventure rock climber
  • Shaun White – professional snowboarder, Olympic gold medalist
  • Luke Walton – head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers

In addition to investing in Beyond Meat, these athletes are onboard with Beyond Meat as official ambassadors of the product. According to the company, they are part of the brand’s new “Go Beyond” campaign, which “spotlights the inner spirit and drive to reach the unattainable — the same spirit that created Beyond Meat and propels its mission to perfectly build meat directly from plants.”

These athletes join a growing roster of Beyond Meat investors like Bill Gates, Leonardo DiCaprio, former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, JJ Redick, Tony Gonzales, Thomas Middleditch, David Wright, Eric Bledsoe, Maya Moore, Tia Blanco, April Ross and Maggie Vessey. Other celebrity fans include Snoop Dogg, Common, Jessica Chastain, Liza Koshy and Nicole Williams.

No, the public can’t invest in Beyond Meat just yet, but if you’re interested, keep an eye open. Your opportunity is coming. Beyond Meat filed for an U.S. initial public offering of $100 million in stock in November 2018.

The Beyond Burger is made entirely from plants without GMOs, soy or gluten. The brand’s reps say it provides more protein than beef, with significantly less saturated fat. It’s also less intensive on the environment, requiring 99 percent less water, 93 percent less land, nearly 50 percent less energy and 90 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than a Ľ lb. burger made from a cow.

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown wants to see his Beyond Burger offered in all the major fast food burger chains within the next several years. And he might actually get his wish.

“I’m very confident that’s going to happen, because I think the consumer is turning so quickly,” Brown told Entrepreneur in January 2018.

“We are not telling people not to eat meat — I think that would be a massive mistake — we’re simply suggesting that they have a new type of meat, just plant based,” Brown added. “Once we break the code and get to the point where it’s indistinguishable from animal protein, I think you will see that shift.”

This is the approach many vegan meat purveyors now take — they’re not pitching these products to vegans. Our interest and support is largely a given. No, the customers they hope to seduce are meat eaters.

Some people will never willingly change to a plant-based diet. If we can get those people to begin choosing a plant-based burger because it’s indistinguishable from a burger made from a cow, that’s still a win for the animals.

And it’s a win that could snowball into the end of factory farming.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


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