World First: Christian, Jewish, Muslim Groups in Joint Holy Land Visit


In what is being described as ‘a world first,’ the associations Beit Haverim (a gay and lesbian Jewish group in France), David and Jonathan (a Christian gay movement) and HM2F (gay Muslims in France) will jointly visit Israel and Palestine in November.

Organizers say, according to Christophe Martet writing in Yagg, that the aim of the visit is to meet and have dialogue with representatives of the three Abrahamic religions alongside expressing their solidarity with the local LGBT movements in Israel and Palestine.

The visit will take them from Jerusalem to Ramallah, as well as to Tel Aviv, the Dead Sea, Jaffa and Abu Gosh, an Arab village near Jerusalem.

Franck, of Beit Haverim, tells Martet that the objective is not political but a dialogue in spirituality with local LGBT organizations.

Lotfi, of HM2F, says that the visit is about questioning the dogma that leads to discrimination against LGBT people.

The openly gay Mayor of Paris, Bertrand DelanoŽ, is supporting the visit (which is paid for by the 50 individuals participating). During an October 14 press conference, Pierre Schapira, the Mayor’s official responsible for International Relations, European Affairs and the Francophonie [French equivalent of the British Commonwealth], highlighted the particular context of this trip as being like no other and welcomed it

“You innovate and all forms of dialogue results,” he said.

The mayor of Paris’ tenth arrondissement [district], Remi Feraud, emphasized at the press conference that it showed the willingness of the different associations to gather experience and to enter into a dialogue with two societies so as to lift taboos.

Feraud said that together they will bring another view of this region — less caricatural and more optimistic.

Translation by F. Young


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Tim U.
Tim Upham6 years ago

The issue of Israeli-Palestinian peace is an international issue, that requires international attention. It is something that all Christians, Jews, and Muslims should be involved in. I have been lobbying Evangelical Christians, Jews, and Muslims, but I have not approached the gay and lesbian community. If they want to get involved in it, I say more power to them. We can use everybody's help, regardless of sexual orientation.

Alicia N.
Alicia N7 years ago

AWESOME...... just AWESOME!!!!!
Great news. Good luck always.

Kathy Parsons
Kathy Parsons7 years ago

This group says to me that only God matters. That all the named religions, with their man - made rituals have little meaning.

Marilyn L.
Marilyn L7 years ago

A wonderful group to be gathing in a beautiful place...let there be peace.

Judith Corrigan
Judith Corrigan7 years ago

I am hoping this will be a productive meeting of minds and will bring forth many positive things.

Kaitlin Carney
Kaitlin Carney7 years ago

Matilda- That is what Jerusalem is supposed to be, the international capital of both Israel and Palestine, according to the UN. But the extremist Israeli government will not even consider allowing Jerusalem to be shared. Such a pity, as it is such an historic place, it should be for all people/religions to enjoy.
This tour is such a great idea! I would love to go with several different groups such as this traveling. You could gain so much more perspective being able to share the experience with a diverse group of people. How inspiring.

Matilda H.
Past Member 7 years ago


Speaking of this subject, I've been thinking of something for a while... Wouldn't it be great if the city of Jerusalem was declared "International land" or something so that none of the religions could claim it as their own? I mean, it's holy to Christians, Jews and Muslims, so all should be able to go there without having to think about what country they're in. =)

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago

Keeping the lines of communication open is an important and positive thing. I wish them luck and a wonderful, safe journey. Thanks Paul.

KAREN L7 years ago

It's interesting that a long rejected group is taking an initiative in the Middle East while everyone else just twiddles their thumbs.

Rosemary G.
Rosemary G7 years ago

The whole World is Holy and if we continue the way we are, there will be NO life on this planet.
We did a good job ruining this once beautiful country that we have been occupying illegally for a few centuries now..
Can you believe that some ignorant bastards want to reopen Uranium mines in the Grand Canyon?
We are light years from being civilized and we will never reach that level, because we are inherently STUPID.