World War II Veteran Saves Coyote With His Bare Hands

As we celebrate Veteran’s Day in the United States, I hope readers will enjoy this special story of an American soldier who had the strength and resolve to help a badly injured coyote.

Written By KatieMae Meloanof Colorado, USA

Gordon Tripp came home from service in WWII and married his sweetheart Barbara, and together they became the proprietors, host and hostess, of Glen Isle Resort. Gordon died a few years ago, and Barbara still operates this beautiful old resort. I am fortunate to have been a friend of Gordon’s, and he shared this story with me.

It seems that one night he heard an animal whining and crying out on the porch of the lodge, and he went out to see if it was a dog in trouble. It wasn’t a dog, but a young coyote. It had been struck by a porcupine, and her snout and mouth were all full of quills.

Gordon proceeded to get pliers, and sat down with the coyote, who allowed him to extract these quills. If any of you reading this have ever had a dog hit by a porcupine, you will understand how remakable this story is. Two strong people cannot usually hold a dog still enough to pull quills.Indeed,a vet usually has to tranquilize a dog to do this… but that coyote sat and let Gordon pull those terribly painful quills without anesthesia.

I always looked at Gordon differently after he shared this story with me. Though I always knew that he was a special person, hearing how this wild creature had come to him for help and had trusted him to save her (for she would not have been able to hunt and eat, and would have died a slow and miserable death) made me realize that he was not just aloving and compassionate man, but a magical one as well, one that even wild beasts would turn to in an hour of need.

Honoring the Great Ones

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Your writers have capability to make understand the users, great stuff you have provided to us.

Pinke A.
Pinke A6 years ago

Thanks for sharing the story! There must be something so special in Gordon,even more than his compassion for the animals!

Carrie Anne Brown

great story, thanks for sharing :)

Lynda Traylor
Lynda Traylor6 years ago

Wonderful story. Thanks

Christina B.
Christina B6 years ago

What a wonderful story!

Mark Leung
Emma G6 years ago

I'm glad we as humans are able to gain the trust of wild animals to a certain degree :')

Rebecca Odle
Rebecca Noiseux6 years ago

Truly a heroic save of an innocent animal. How remarkable they both had the trust of one another.

Sarah W.
Sarah W6 years ago

Gordon is wonderful

Joyce Suto
Joyce Suto6 years ago

One of those truly good people you know are still out there, and animals know this too. God has given him a special place for sure!!!

Claudia Cavallo
Claudia Cavallo6 years ago

Very nice story that gives me hope that maybe one day all peole will respect animals and they can live together in peace