Wounded Mama Dog Swallows Fear to Save Her Pups On Christmas Eve


Today The Great Animal Rescue Chase brings you the story of an Oklahoma woman who seized the opportunity to help a desperate dog on Christmas Eve.  Sometimes you don’t get a second chance to do the right thing.  That moment of truth might come on your way to work, on the eve of a big date or even on a national holiday.  But what defines us as animal lovers is our ability to put aside our own plans in favor of something greater…

By Shavonn Viddaurri of Tulsa, Oklahoma

It was a very cold day this past Christmas Eve. I was walking back from visiting my grandma who lived next door. As I entered my yard, I noticed a familiar stray I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks, a female Pit Bull.

I had been keeping an eye on her since I moved in earlier that spring. My grandma told me she had been wandering our neighborhood for a few years. Over the summer, I watched her survive and I would often put food and water out for her, though she would never let me approach her. She got pregnant and so I started regularly feeding and watering her so her pups would have a good chance. She got to the point where she would sometimes take food from my fingers, but if I tried to touch her, she would bolt.

And Now She Had Puppies to Care For

After a certain time, it was obvious that she had given birth. Luckily, I found them nearby in a neighbor’s old doghouse. She’d had nine puppies! I decided to leave them there because she would not come near and I did not want to risk her abandoning them. The people who lived there were also feeding her. I knew eventually I would see the pups start to wander around the yard and then for safety reasons, it would be time to initiate a rescue plan for them all.

Unfortunately, when it came time to do so, the neighbors decided she and her pups were theirs and didn’t want to let them go. It was a sad situation because other than a little food and water, they were left to fend for themselves in the new, colder weather. So I watched and continued to feed her.

Dramatic Christmas Eve Rescue Begins

On that Christmas Eve, as I watched her on that corner, I noticed there was something odd about her chest. It looked red and like something was stuck to her. As I walked to where her pups were coming out to greet her (they were about nine weeks old), she came over and I could see that she had a huge laceration and the skin was flapping about as if someone had peeled it down. It was very deep; so much so that I could’ve put my entire hand inside of it. I sat down to think of what to do and as her pups crawled over to me, she came over and acted as if I had been handling her all her life. It was like she was asking me to help her. I didn’t hesitate.

I knocked on the neighbor’s door and told them of her medical needs. I told them if this was their dog, she needed to be taken to the vet immediately or I would call the police. They said she wasn’t theirs (of course), so I told them that I was taking her and her pups at that very moment and getting them help. Sadly, at this point, there were only six pups remaining from the original nine.

As I carried the pups to my yard, she eagerly followed and soon I had the little family warm and safe in my garage. I used some bandaging, antibiotic ointment and a little, slightly snug dog sweater, to hold her wound together. I bombarded my Facebook page and within two days, all of the pups had wonderful homes. Mama Dog, however, was another story.

I Couldn’t Dump Her at a Pound

She was a street dog, used to being a loner and a survivor. I had no intention of dumping her at the pound or letting just anyone have her. I got some help from my job, at a vet clinic, and had her injury repaired and her vaccinations updated. She was guessed to be about three years old, but it was hard to tell because her teeth were worn down from eating whatever she could find to stay alive.

She became the epitome of gratefulness. She could not get enough attention. The more I loved on her, the more she craved. She lived in my garage through the winter and this summer. We’ve experienced record heat this summer and even though I installed two air conditioners and two fans, it was still unbearably hot. I had no choice but to bring her inside. I have seven dogs of my own and six of them are bite-sized for her.

She had shown in the past that she is not real keen on any dog-to-dog interaction. I set her up in a kennel in my kitchen and there she stayed for the past couple of months. I would rotate her and my group for going outside for bathroom and playtime. It became quite stressful to not have them able to all go out together. I have a lot of experience with needy dogs as I have worked with a couple of rescue groups over the years. I decided to intensely work with her and try and acclimate her with my dogs. I started with my Golden Retriever mix and at first she would charge him and try and intimidate him away from me. She ignored him otherwise. She would instantly stop any harrassment with a command from me. A true Pit Bull, she only wanted to please me.

She’s Looking For Love…Will She Find a Home Through Care2? More Photos

This past month, she became fully integrated with my crew, down to my nine pound Chihuahua/MinPin. She sleeps in a crate at night or if I leave the house, otherwise she is free to lay about, play, get attention, bark at the cats…all of the things a dog should be free to do. I did have her spayed a few weeks ago and now I know her story of sadness on the streets has come to an end. No more, girl. No more will you struggle to feed your babies, struggle to keep them warm, struggle to keep them safe.

I love this dog, but I know it would be in her best interest to find a home where she is number one and not one of nine. In the meantime, she will continue to be loved and cherished and allowed to grow into her full potential.  If you’re interested in considering her adoption, please email me at luvzsmallpawz@yahoo.com.

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Madhvi Goonjur
Madhvi Goonjur5 years ago

God bless you!

Vicki B.
Vicki B6 years ago

Thanks for caring, you are an angel!

Shavonn V.
Shavonn V6 years ago

she's too precious to rehome....she's a part of this family now. i've named her Karmaa. she's proven that what you put out in the world, comes back to you tenfold. she's a wonderful dog.

Manuela B.
Manuela B6 years ago

YES, YEH, HOORAH...... glad to be human again.

Voicila Gabriela
gabriela v6 years ago

Bravo! God bless you

Carole R.
Carole R6 years ago

What a story. Some human mothers could learn a lot from this "mom".

Rebecca Odle
Rebecca Noiseux6 years ago

What an ending. This poor girl left to suffer but thankfully this lady was in the right place at the right time. Hope she finds a permanent home.

Sheila L.
Sheila Swan L6 years ago

Oh I have a cat who was abandoned, injured and clearly mistreated. It is hard to keep him and my husband did not want him but there was no way not to and he follows us as if he were a dog.
He even goes on walks with us!

Joy Jin
Joy Jin6 years ago

happy ending :)

Annmari Lundin
Annmari Lundin6 years ago

Shavonn Viddaurri: Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and thank you for being such a great animal lover!