Yes, Germany Must Ban Bestiality

Bestiality is to be banned in Germany in a reversal of a 1969 decision which made it legal. Animal welfare advocates are praising the decision to outlaw such abuse of animals — also known as zoophilia — while contending that the focus on this issue has diverted attention from other urgent animal rights concerns.

Ilse Aigner, the German agriculture minister, is calling for a reversal of the 1969 decision on the grounds that bestiality is an “offence not only to hurt an animal but also to force it into unnatural sex,” according to the BBC. Animals should not be used “for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activities … thereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species,” says Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of a parliamentary committee that is discussing the measure before the Bundestag votes on it on December 14.

Under the new measure, anyone found guilty of forcing an animal into “actions alien to the species” could face a fine of 25,000 euros (about $32,300).

Michael Kiok, a librarian who is chairman of a group called  the Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), says that he plans to take legal action against the changes. “When I look at my dog I know immediately what it wants. Animals are much easier to understand than women,” says Kiok in the Guardian — statements that are (to totally understate the matter) beyond disturbing.

The topic of animal bestiality is a “tough one for people to hear and deal with,” as Care2 blogger Megan Drake writes. But it is one that we need to not only be aware of, but to take action about. As Megan points out, only 17 states in the U.S. have laws under which bestiality is a felony; fourteen more states say it is a misdemeanor. The rest do not consider bestiality a crime against animals, though some consider it a misdemeanor if a minor child or pornography is involved.

In Europe, a number of countries (including the Netherlands, France and Switzerland) ban bestiality. Prior to 2003, bestiality carried a sentence of life imprisonment in the U.K.; this has been reduced to two years. Bestiality remains legal in Belgium, Denmark and Sweden, though Sweden is considering changing this.

Animal rights advocates in Germany have put forward many other issues that must be attended to and very soon. They are seeking bans on castrating piglets and cutting off their tails and on branding horses without anesthesia. Only the castration issue has been addressed and not in a satisfactory way. According to the Guardian, after 2018 (i.e., not exactly in the very near future) it can only be carried out under a local anesthetic.

While the ban on bestiality is more than — does it need to be said?  – necessary, there is clearly far more the German government, not to mention several states in the U.S. and some European nations, can do to protect animals from cruel and horrendous abuse. How we humans treat and care for all creatures great and small says a lot about us.

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.4 years ago

they should definitly,and all other countries too,thank you for sharing

Sue T.
Susan T4 years ago

I can't believe there are people supporting this behavior. Truly sad.

Kathy Perez
Kathy Johnson5 years ago

that it was ever legal is sad to me

Jonathan H.
Jonathan H.5 years ago

Heaven help us If Jesus came down,and instead of giving blessings gave banning this, and that.Yikes that would have been bad, but that is what the human animal does to it's self. That is being sadomasochistic to their own soul. Jesus knew what he was doing by not being a dictator enacting religious laws like the people that were against him.. People,... stop oppressing the zoosexual.

Jonathan H.
Jonathan H.5 years ago

To ban is evil. To ban is not judging yourself. Jesus did that all the time. jJsus served others. People are doing the oppose to Jesus banning this, and that enslaving people by arresting them. That is the devils way of doing things. Why do things the way the devil wants to do things? Free the zoo. Be like Jesus is.

OH yea have a dog on the post looking sad. Nice try. Save your soul. People that have a dead soul will ban this, and that. They will be banned from Gods kingdom.
What the zoosexual has against them are nosy religious people like the religious people against Jesus trying to call whatever he did evil. Morality is being like Jesus is. Jesus is not a controlling dictator. We eat, drink, poop, eukaryote cells, physiologically, biologically, scientifically, chemically, microscopically, fight flight, territorial instincts of an animal putting up fences, no trespass signs. KJV, Ecc 3;18-20. Beast to beast sex.
A person has no preeminence above a beast being = to a beast. Prevent symptoms, upcspine,. U,C,S, is in Germany. All ages. Luke 6:37, Matthew 7:2:Romans 14:10;

Annelies Haussler
liessi Haussler5 years ago

(Hello? This should be illegal around the entire world. And WTF was Germany thinking when they made bestiality legal? I shudder.)

Disgust aside, I'm very curious about the language of the new law (presumably translated here for our benefit) regarding acts that are "alien to the species." Perhaps it can be broadly interpreted down the road to include things like circus performances and goofy stunts forced on captive marine mammals, not to mention all those poor baby monkeys stolen from the wild and forced to wear children's clothing ... and even smoke cigarettes for the amusement of movie-goers.

Sheri D.
Sheri D5 years ago

This should be a felony in ALL states. I had no idea that it isn't. That's disgusting!

Spirit Spider
Spirit Spider5 years ago

Omg totally shocking

Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Colleen Prinssen
Colleen Prinssen5 years ago

well, not all zoosexuals (zoophilia can include platonic or aesthetic love of animals) are practicing. Myself and a few others drove a girl to tears on a website due to her "my female dog and my boyfriend are my lovers"

she was very open on how she has the hots for her dog. but it's ok, because she believes her soul is not a human.
so if someone is "trans species" then having sex with humans feels wrong.

said girl just had romantic feelings for her dog. and some who have romantic and sexual feelings for their animals know better than to act on it.

being a cyber bully and troll can be fun. as long as you target the right people.

you get infomation like with torture interrogation sessions.