Yoga Guru and Anti-Corruption Leader Detained in India

Baba Ramdev, a well-known yoga guru with a throng of devoted followers, has been leading a fight against government corruption for over a year in India. On Monday Ramdev shouted, “Remove Congress and save the country” while leading a large group of followers towards the national parliament building, CNN reports. Police quickly and briefly detained in the guru in order to stop the procession.

Ramdev is well-known in the country and started a hunger strike in retaliation to the government last week. Millions regularly watch his yoga and breathing exercises on television, and he has had an illustrious career as a yoga guru. Last year he staged a hunger strike in June that was stealthily shut down in an overnight raid in New Delhi.

The guru’s famous displays are part of a larger national oppositional Hindu movement that is critical of the current government. He has been staging the current week-long protest to demand that the government change its corrupted ways. He has called for investigation into money that political leaders and investors store in foreign banks in order to avoid taxes. The Washington Post also notes that has demanded a stronger Central Bureau of Investigation and greater checks on the government.

Followers of Ramdev were chanting behind him on Monday before he was detained, and he was joined by many members of official oppositional political parties. Some estimates put the number of followers at about 10,000. Those who were willing to march were fairly warned by the staunch government in New Delhi that any attempts to march to the Parliament building would be met with resistance.

Of course once police had decided to arrest and detain Ramdev and his many followers, they faced the conundrum of where to keep them. Police took the group to a Ambedkar Stadium and allowed them to leave soon afterwards. Instead of dispersing, Ramdev then demanded that officials provide supplies for his followers so that they could stay at the stadium and continue their protest. He agreed to end his five-day fast if officials met his demands. Critics of the guru have been cynical of his views because of his massive wealth from yoga fame and a lifestyle that does not represent the way the majority of his followers live.

Just last month a massive power outage pushed residents in India to the brink. Many people blame the skewed policies of the current government for the power outage.


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Stanley B.
Stanley Balgobin5 years ago

The KOCHroach bros is trading extensively with Iran, against US sanctions; no accountability, bribery. The GOP party of deception accrues $$$millions from the Super-rich, Corporations, CEO's to mislead the gullible public with lies about their corrupt agenda. Romoney is a crook, and has caused untold misery to laid-off working families from his Bain exploits where he reaped a sweet pay-off. Vote OBAMA , get the vote out, do not allow the GOP to further ruin America.

Malti Ragh
Lee ann p5 years ago

I am from India and Baba Ramdev may be standing for the right cause but he has his own vested interests. He is with BJP - the other party at the Center that can get voted. The point is BJP is also corrupt with lots of its leaders with swiss accounts. Anna Hazare the social crusader fasted for a good cause to change the govt but the govt ignored. He is more of a neutral leader. Ramdev has a Yoga empire worth millions, BTW. At this point, we are forced to settle for the lesser of the evils :(

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago


Ian Fletcher
Ian Fletcher5 years ago

More women into power please!

Mo Va
Mo Va5 years ago

The Congress Government in India is very corrupt. They are cheating common Indians in many way in India. Corruption MUST be Stopped.

Finally, Baba Ramdev is a true crusader who fights against corruption. Go Baba Ramdev Go ! Go!

Vivianne Mosca-Clark

check it out....
there are several governments having issues with their people about similar issues we have in out government. All of them have a thread...lack of concern for the citizens in favor for the rich.

This pattern is going on in most all of the larger countries. they want to subdue the people for the rich to rule. That is why the attack on, wages..women..and to many more to list here.

How honest this man is, about what he is fighting for ..I do not know...but every where there is pressure to stop the people from control of their government. It is not just in the US that we are being suppressed.

There is to much up side down politics going on. The governments trying to get control of billions of citizens for what?? the rich?? it is in there for sure...but what else? I'm still looking to see.

Troy G.
Troy Grant5 years ago

The threat of a good example

Navpreet K.
Navpreet K.5 years ago

I hope he prevails.

Alicia N.
Alicia N5 years ago

I am not surprised ............. Good Luck to you Mr Baba R.