You Can’t Prosecute Spousal Rape! Those Women Wear Nighties! [VIDEO]

Virginia will be holding elections next Tuesday, and some of the candidates running for state legislature are so frightening, that their election could literally strip women of all of their rights.

One such candidate? Delegate Dick Black. Black is best known as an anti-abortion politician, determined to end a woman’s right to chose in any means possible. In his own legislative career he has fought to allow pharmacies to refuse to sell birth control, which he once referred to as “baby pesticides,” and even sent little plastic pink fetuses to his collegues in order to garner support for his bills.

As if that weren’t bad enough, then there is his belief that it’s not worth it to try and prosecute cases of spousal rape, because how could you ever prove it wasn’t consensual? After all, she was “wearing a nightie” in bed.

Dick Black is a candidate from the same district that recently sent out a mailer depicting Obama shot in the head. He’s also favored to win his senate seat. Better stop wearing your nighties to bed, ladies, I hear that means you automatically consent to sex.

Photo: You tube screen grab


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