Young Boy Beaten for Cheerleading

Here’s what you missed on Glee:

Finn, upset at being kicked off the football team, attempts to try out for the Cheerios so that he can still be part of the in crowd.

Except, that doesn’t happen in real life.  In real life, especially middle school, a boy who wants to be a cheerleader gets bullied.

Via WLTX News:

Tyler Wilson likes to cheer. Tyler, a sixth grader in Findlay, Ohio, expected to get teased by some of his classmates once they found out he had joined the cheer squad over the summer. But he did not expect a broken shoulder and bruises.

Tyler’s mother, Kristy Wilson, is angry after a couple of kids beat up her 11-year-old son. She says they allegedly beat him up because he’s a cheerleader.

Tyler Wilson joined a cheerleading team in a league separate from his school. He’s the only boy on the team, but some of his classmates play football for that same league.

“They were saying I was a sissy cheerleader and called me a queer and stuff like that,” Tyler said.

Sadly, more and more children are looking for ways to bully each other, and anything perceived as out of the gendered norm is subject for it, as we’ve seen from the rash of GLBT suicides after bullying recently.  Even more sad is that cheerleading actually originated as a male sport.

Against popular belief, females were not the founders behind the sport of cheerleading; instead males who were so eager to cheer while watching sporting events created this sport. In the 1890′s the first pep club was organized at Princeton University, and it was there where the first organized yell was recorded. The University of Minnesota organized cheerleading and the first school “fight song.” Women didn’t get introduced to cheerleading until the 1920s when gymnastics was slowly introduced to the sport. Cheerleading didn’t become a predominantly woman sport until the 1950′s. Today there are more then three thousand high school and college cheerleaders in the United States. 97% of all cheerleaders are female; however, approximately 50% of collegiate Cheerleaders are male.

Are male cheerleaders all gay or effeminate?  Not if you ask Urban Dictionary:

Male Cheerleader

A male that joins the cheerleading squad and helps greatly with stunting and jumps, however chickens out on most dances and cheers. Also way sexier than any other man, especially as seen by team mates.
Mamaloosha! That is one fine male cheerleader… he could base me anyday.(If ya know what I mean)


Sorry, Tyler. You keep doing what you love (and what, you are hoping, will get you a college scholarship, you smart kid!). Someday hopefully everyone will grow up.

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Jessica L.
Janne O5 years ago

"Sadly, more and more children are looking for ways to bully each other, and anything perceived as out of the gendered norm is subject for it"

Uhm there is absolutely nothing new about this. People who differ in any way have *always* been targeted.

Ed Isaacs
Ed Isaacs5 years ago

I was a cheerleader advisor at the high school where I taught math. There was only one male cheerleader and he got picked on by some of the students, but he did just fine in his other activities. The girls on the squad were certainly as athletic as any football player, so I certainly agree that cheerleading is a sport.

James John
James John6 years ago

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Jeffrey M.
Jeffrey M7 years ago

I started dancing in first grade. Jazz, then swing, tango and salsa. By University, I got lots of dates and even met my fiance (pictured above). Joining a female-dominated sport is a great way to meet women, so don't worry what your friends say. ... Until they start saying you're cool. :-)

Petra Luna
Petra Luna7 years ago

Saying girls can't play football or boys can't cheer is being sexist. If you don't have enough to have a separate team, put them on the same ball/cheer team.

Sheila N.
sheila s7 years ago

Boys who are different (in any way) are often the target of bullying because the bullies feel threatened by them. It’s really pathetic. There could be some skinny little emo kid with long black hair in his face, eyeliner and skinny jeans that the girls adore and he gets bullied by the jocks because the jocks just can’t deal with it. They can’t compete with it and they don’t understand it. Every kid should be taught to stand up for themselves and every bully should be expelled. Any bully who assaults someone should face charges.

Stephanie P.
Stephanie P.7 years ago

think about it, thats like saying girls cant play basketball, soccer, football, softball, etc.

Mark S.
Mark S7 years ago

I pray for the day when the average student, not the bully or the one being bullied will have the strength, courage and conviction to speak up and tell the bullies to stop. Bullying exists because the average student lacks the moral fibre to tell the bullies to stop.

Grace A.
Grace Adams7 years ago

Bullying is wrong regardless of what issue the bullies are picking on the victim about.

Marla Calderon
Marla Calderon7 years ago