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OUR VISION We want to make it easy for you to help protect the environment... each and every time you log on to!

We're all so busy these days... it's hard to take the extra effort usually required to make a positive impact on the environment. So, we are here to eliminate that "extra effort"! We've partnered with some of the best companies on the Web to offer you the same outstanding products and services you'd use anyway, adding our green twist -- so you help the environment simply by using our search engine, email, e-cards and other great services! How using our services helps the environment: Every time you use our site you'll see banner advertisements. Advertisers pay us to show you these ads. Care2 donates 5% of business and consumer website revenues (not just "profits") in cash and services to leading nonprofit organizations. So, simply visiting our site helps generate funds for global environmental programs.

We've partnered with more than 400 merchants to offer you over 2 million products - making one of the largest shopping destinations anywhere! You'd buy those CDs, clothes and gifts anyway for the same low prices, if you buy on you help the environment at the same time!

We aim to inform you about environmental issues, and inspire you to take action that makes a difference. We have a green shopping guide, green-living tips, environmental discussion boards, the world's largest green events calendar and green directory service, and much more.

We believe that the more you use our services, the more you'll be reminded of the importance of helping the environment and living a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to making your experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible.

We believe your support will help us demonstrate that environmental responsibility and healthy living is good business!

Thank you for supporting!
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