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Chip Davenport is a 27 year old artist who has been interested in art and wildlife since a young boy. Fishing was his hobby as a child, and he would draw the fish to learn to identify them. From there it grew into a passion for all of nature and in particular, birds.

He is a graduate of Bristol Community College class of 1996. While in school, he was the assistant editor of the BCC Observer and wrote a monthly feature called Drawing Upon Nature. "I wrote and illustrated articles about nature subjects with the intention of educating people about wildlife" says the young artist. As well, Chip was the art editor of the Prevailing Wind literary magazine where his painting of a Dark-eyed Junco was chosen for the 1996 edition cover.

In June 1997, Chip had his first one-person show at the Lloyd Center for Environmental studies. The showing, called "Birds in Town" featured works of birds found within the artist's home town of Acushnet, Massachusetts. "With these paintings I tried to show that one does not need to travel to exotic places to find interesting wildlife, and I'm a firm believer that conservation starts at home," he explains.

Chip works in a variety of media from somewhat large acrylic and oil paintings to small intimate watercolor portraits and has a certain passion for drawing. North American birds and other native wildlife are his main subjects. He says, "I am on a personal level with our wildlife. When I'm birding, or sketching in the field, I feel enveloped by them and I think that kind of immersion is important for an artist."

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