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© Artie Romero and W. Kirk Kenne
© Artie Romero and W. Kirk Kenne

Meet Artie Romero and W. Kirk Kenne

What kind of work / accomplishments have you done in the artworld? Ihave been a publisher, an illustrator, an animation producer and director.

I started animating in 1972 (Burpo El Monster de Outre Spaced), and sold my first national magazine illustration in 1974 (In Touch). I have screen credits for animation on 4 motion pictures, the latest 1995's Tri-Star feature Johnny Mnemonic. My latest TV credit was on the 1999 PBS program TV Planet. Among my accomplishments are the creation and management of ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio (, and in the late 1970s I was editor and publisher of the alternative comic book imprint, Everyman Comics.
Ya teen age punks!

Have you won any awards for your artwork? As an animation director and as a studio, we have a whole wall covered with awards. We also have a rejection letter from Saturday Night Live of which we are particularly proud.

Why the interest in your preferred subject area? Cartooning is a graphic language I picked up as a kid. From the first time I saw my work printed in a high school literary mag, I was fascinated by the mass-produced image. Animating cartoons seemed to me a natural extension of the medium; it carries the cartoon form into the fourth dimension. And the Web is the ultimate boon to publishing -- it solves the problem of distribution.

How many years have you been pursuing art? 26 years as a professional, 35 years altogether. I decided at the age of 12 that my goal was to become a professional artist.

How old are you? ARG! 47 years of age, mate.

Has anyone been a particular inspiration to you in pursuing art? First my teachers, Jack Frost at Mitchell HS, Ben Day, Bill Armstrong, and George Rose at SMSU, then my collaborators Darrel Anderson, W. Kirk Kennedy, Rick Berry, David Gregory Taylor, Jee Hoon Lee, Don Mangan and many, many others. In the past several years my students and interns have inspired me!

Do you do this full time, and if not, what else do you do? Yep, full time. What a silly way for a grown man to make a living.

What are your goals for your artwork (make money, be famous, have fun, change the world, etc..)? This may sound far-fetched, but my goal is to do what I like and get paid for it. (It's working.)

Did you ever have any formal training in art? I majored in art in high school, then dropped out of college after 3 years of studies in both fine art and commercial art. The most valuable part of all that was 2 full years of life drawing classes. Since then I have spent 2 summers as a Master Teacher of Animation for Colorado Springs School District 11 Gifted and Talented Program, and 2 years as Dean of Animation at Inkpinner Schools of Art in Colorado Springs. And I did it all in black tie. (Get it, "formal." Oh, never mind.)

What are the two most compelling reasons someone would want to visit your website? Ha and ha! We have over a thousand original animated GIFs for ya -- WHOOPIE!

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