10 Best Animal Videos of 2012


What’s the best thing about the web? Well, if you’re anything like us, it’s all of the adorable and amazing animal videos.†While every video we post makes us laugh, smile, and even cry, some stand out from the pack. Click through to check out the ten most popular pet & animal videos of 2012.

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10. Adorable Kittens Waking up

Aren’t they the cutest things ever?! Watch four British Shorthair kittens wake up from a nap!


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9. Funny ‘Evil’ Cat

This cat certainly seems to be plotting something sinister. Watch the video to find out what the funny feline is up to!


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8. Parrots Have Conversation

These two parakeets are communicating in a decidedly human-like fashion. What do you think they’re talking about?


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7. Dog & Dolphin Kiss

Wow — isn’t this incredible?! A dog on a boat gets a chance encounter with a †dolphin, and a kiss to boot! This is a clip from “Dolphins,” an IMAX film.


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6. Cat Wants Some Love

This cat sure knows how to get what he/she wants!


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5. Really, Really Happy Dog

Wow, have you ever seen a more excited dog?! This adorable pooch is absolutely elated to be jumping through a field.



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4.†Irresistible Existential French Cat

We couldn’t get enough of Henri, the existential French cat.. and neither could our readers!

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3.†Meet the World’s Tallest Dog

At a whopping 3’8″ †feet (1.1 m.) tall, Zeus the Great Dane is the tallest dog in the world. And that’s just standing normally — if he goes up on his hind legs, Zeus measures in at 7.4″ feet (2.2 meters)!

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2.†Police Officer Helps Ducklings Cross Freeway

When a family of ducks ventured onto a busy freeway in Washington state, the odds were probably not in their favor. Luckily, though, they were spotted by an eagle-eyed police officer, who swiftly went into action — stopping †traffic and giving the group a police escort.

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1. Bird Wakes up Cat

U-Chan the bird wants to play with Chama the cat! Chama, however, is more interested in napping.


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Jeanne Rogers
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Thank you for sharing.

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Adorable, so delightful to watch kittens and other animals in action. The cat that owns me has come to find out what the meowing is all about, she is looking for the kitten.

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