10 Breakfast Mistakes That Sabotage Weight Loss

Research shows that people who skip breakfast can weigh more than those who eat it. Plus, breakfast-skippers usually eat sugary and high calorie foods later in the day.

Now, you may think that eating breakfast is the secret to losing weight. But itís not that simple. You have to eat a healthy and filling breakfast to lose weight.

Not only does an unhealthy breakfast cause weight gain, it can cause low energy and bingeing later in the day.

Below are breakfast mistakes you should avoid if you want to lose weight and stay healthy.

1. Drinking orange juice

Drinking fruit juice isnít the same as eating fruits. Fruit juice is high in calories and sugar. Furthermore, fruits lose nutrients and fiber when they are juiced.

Fruit juice causes blood sugar spikes which may increase cravings later in the day. Youíre better off eating whole fruits or drinking lemon water.

2. You donít eat protein

Protein is the most filling macronutrient. Therefore, eating it in the morning will keep you full. The best vegan protein breakfast foods include chia seeds, oatmeal, peanut butter, quinoa and hummus.

3. You donít eat enough fiber

Fiber is essential for weight loss and regulating blood sugar levels. Eating fiber-rich food will keep you full for longer.

Always include foods rich in fiber in every meal. But realize that sweetened cereal isnít the best source of fiber due to high amounts of sugar. Veggies are the best option.

4. You donít eat enough food

Eating too little is never a good idea. It can lead to low energy and increased sugar cravings.

Eat a breakfast that can keep you full until lunch time. This doesnít necessarily mean eating lots of calories. Eat foods with high water content, fiber, protein, complex carbs and healthy fats.

5. You donít eat healthy fats

Many people believe that fat will make them fat. But research has proven time and again that this isnít true.

Healthy fats will actually make you feel full and energetic. Consider adding nuts, seeds or avocado to your breakfast.

6. Eating breakfast on the go

Eating a bagel or granola bar on your way to work is a bad idea. Research shows that we overeat when we donít pay attention to what we are eating.

Prep your breakfast in advance if you have to take it with you. That way you wonít overeat or eat unhealthy foods.

7. You drink sugary smoothies

Breakfast smoothies can give you lots of nutrients and keep you full. But adding too many sweeteners to your smoothie can undo these benefits.

Instead of adding sweeteners, add sweet fruits such as bananas and oranges to your smoothie.

8. Adding sugar to coffee

Coffee has many benefits, but you may end up consuming excess calories if you add creamers, sugar and whipped cream to your coffee.

Use little sugar or drink black coffee without any additives.

9. You donít drink water†

Itís advisable to drink water after waking up since youíve gone for many hours without water.

Drinking water in the morning will remind you to make healthy choices later in the day. Plus it will increase satiety.

10. You eat breakfast bars

Despite being marketed as Ďhealthy,í breakfast bars are loaded with calories and sugar. Theyíll only increase sugar cravings and make you hungrier.

Do you make any of these breakfast mistakes?


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