10 Cat-Friendly Houseplants for Your Living Room

Cats and houseplants don’t often make a great pair. As cute as your kitty may be, there will almost certainly be times when you turn around to find her munching on one or digging in its recently watered soil. Not only is this a hassle, but many houseplants are actually toxic to cats!

To keep your pets safe, make sure you only display houseplants that are approved by the ASPCA as being non-toxic for cats (and dogs!). Here are a few that have made the cut:

African Violet

Want a pet-friendly plant that still has some lush blooms? The African Violet should be your first choice. It comes in a range of gorgeous purple hues, plus it’s super low maintenance and thrives in low-light settings.

Lace Flower

Lace flower vines look stunning in a hanging basket, due to their trailing style. Bonus: plants hung from the ceiling will certainly be out of kitty’s reach!

Bamboo Palm

The bamboo palm (also called Chamaedorea elegans) is an air-purifying plant that is known for being easy to grown indoors. Keep it in bright or indirect sunlight and water only when the soil feels dry.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

The name might be complicated, but the choice to get one certainly isn’t! These classic-looking orchids are such a breath of fresh air in any setting. Just be wary of letting your cat dig. Most potted orchids come with a large amount of bark.

Aluminum Plant

The Aluminum Plant (sometimes called a Watermelon Plant) has beautiful variegated leaves in shades of gray and green, making it an attractive choice for any home.

cat-safe-houseplants (1)

Christmas Cactus

Just in time for the holidays! Unlike its dangerous counterpart amaryllis, Christmas Cactus is a favorite of cat owners. While it may cause some mild intestinal discomfort if eaten, its prickly stems keep cats from getting curious. Regardless, they won’t be harmed.

Air Plants

Air plants are trendy, curious and (best of all) safe for both cats and dogs. Just make sure you keep them up high and out of reach! Those spindly legs are fun to chew on.

Some Herbs

Get all the freshness of an herb garden, without the worry. Just make sure you keep a close eye on which varieties you let inside! Lavender and oregano are absolute no’s, but your cat will be safe with basil, thyme and sage.

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is sure to make a statement. It grows tall, like a small tree, making it perfect for corner placement in a living room or dining room.


Succulents are trending for a reason: they’re darling! Echevaria in particular is very drought-tolerant, so water it only very infrequently. Just make sure it gets plenty of light!


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