10 Cooling Drinks for Springtime Sipping

Spring has (mostly) sprung, and with it, the possibility of beautiful, cooling drinks. After the pumpkin-spice everything, warm soy lattes and dark tea of the cooler months, I relish the switch to colorful, refreshing drinks that make your body feel so good during the transition from darker, winter energy into brighter, light Spring energy.

According to the principles of Macrobiotics, spring is the time for upward energy and lighter foods that balance the heavier aspects of winter. The foods that are best for this time of year are leafy greens, citrus, fruits and grains like barley and oats. So until things turn towards the pumpkin spice direction again, enjoy this collection of colorful fruit and plant-based drinks that bring rejuvenating, upward energy into your daily life.

Whatís your favorite springtime drink?

  • Green Juice: Green juice is good any time of the year, but it feels especially good now. Choose bright leafy greens like baby lettuce and fresh herbs to tune in to the light energetics of spring. Reduce or skip the heavier vegetables like beets, carrots and other root vegetables.
  • Berry Lemonade: Lemons and limes are great for helping digestion, balancing blood sugar and just generally being awesome for drinks. Mixing in a few crushed berries can replace sugar, so it becomes a much healthier treat. I like to mix chia seeds into my strawberry lemonade for a fun texture and added healthy boost.
  • Mugi cha (barley tea): Barley tea is good hot or iced, and is a wonderful alternative to tea and coffee. It has a rich brown color and a subtle natural sweetness that is good any time of day. You can buy whole roasted barley at Asian markets, and you find teabags at health foods stores. Brew hot and enjoy like that, or iced.
  • Iced Herbal Coffee: Last year I kicked caffeine and fell in love with herbal coffee. There are a few brands out there, most made with chicory and dandelion root as the base (great for liver and digestive health!). My favorite brands are Teeccino, which looks like ground coffee and can be brewed as such, and Dandy Blend, which is a powdered instant mix for iced drinks. Both have an earthy flavor that reminds you of coffee without the coffee buzz (or crash).
  • Hibiscus tea: Wouldnít you agree that we all need more hot pink foods in our life? Hibiscus (also called jamaica in Spanish) is an edible flower that can be brewed in to magically beautiful tea that is tangy and naturally sweet. I prefer it iced and unsweetened, but others like it hot or super sweet. Itís probably familiar to some as Zinger teas, but the dried flowers can be purchased in bulk at natural food stores. Store in a jar, make a big batch, and enjoy all week long.
  • Matcha Tea: Matcha is an incredibly healthful green tea made from ground up green tea leaves. Itís a powder, so it can be blended into smoothies, juices, plant-based milks or water for a quick tea boost. The health benefits of matcha include boosted immunity and higher energy.
  • Licorice Mint Tea: Licorice is most familiar as candy, but itís a natural root that is actually quite beneficial. Itís naturally sweet and contains compounds that help digestive system. Paired with bright, beautiful mint, the combination is really magical. Mix equal parts licorice root and dried peppermint leaves, steep in hot water for five minutes and enjoy hot or iced.
  • Raw Chocolate Milk: Because sometimes we really need to indulge, healthfully. Whip up a batch of homemade almond milk (itís easier than you think!), then blend with some raw cacao and a bit of coconut sugar. I like to add maca to my chocolate milk, which is an adaptogenic herb that helps manage stress and balance hormones. Serve warm for a very grown up hot chocolate or over ice for a sweet treat.
  • Herbs & Fruit water: This is perhaps the pretties of all the beverages. Choose a giant jar, fill with fresh herbs like mint, basil or even dill, then add fresh fruit like lemons, limes, strawberries or blueberries. Let infuse overnight in the fridge, then sip the fresh energy all day long. Keep adding water until all herbs and fruit lose their flavor.

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Cold brewed coffee is excellent. And for a cooling treat with a kick, go for the margarita.

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