10 Cute Pets on Road Trips

Summer is road trip season, and if you’re a pet owner you might just be thinking about bringing your fur kids along. We’ve got some tips on road tripping with animals and a big video roundup of cute pets on road trips for you!

Are you planning a road trip this summer? If you’re planning to travel with your pets, things can get a little bit more complicated. That doesn’t mean you should leave your pets at home. It just means you might need to do a little bit of advance planning. No matter what sort of pet, you want to make sure that your animal is safe and happy! That means you need to bring food and water and plan a safe spot for your pet to relax on the road. You should also make sure your pet has identification, unless we’re talking small animals like hamsters or mice that will be in their cages for the entire trip. Chances are, your pet already has a collar with tags on it, but this is even more critical on a road trip. Your cat or dog is much less likely to find her way home when home is hundreds of miles away.

What you need to travel safely with your pet depends a bit on what sort of pet you have.


Most dog owners have at least gone on short rides with their pups, but for a longer ride, you might need a few more items.

Your pup might be a-OK on little in-town trips, but longer trips can sometimes reveal that your dog gets carsick. When we drove with our dog, Jenna, from Atlanta, GA to Portsmouth, VA, we discovered that she gets severely carsick. She threw up twice in the first three hours on the road. We ended up having to call the vet from a rest stop for advice. Don’t be like me! Talk to your vet before you hit the road. He can tell you how much Dramamine your dog can take, so you can be prepared if things take a turn.

Road trips also mean traveling at highway speeds, so it’s a good idea to restrain your dog. In fact, some states now require that you restrain your dog in the car for his safety and for yours. Hit the pet store for dog restraints to make your road trip a safe one.


Like dogs, you want your cat to be safe on the road. In the videos on the next pages, these cats are roaming free, but that’s not really the best way to ride with a cat, especially on the highway. Your cat is safest in a carrier that’s secured with a seat belt. If you want your cat to get some roaming time, hold her in your lap instead of letting her roam free.

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Of course, the other unique challenge with cats on a long trip is the litter situation. You don’t want your kitty to soil himself or his crate! Bring a litter box and plenty of litter, and make sure you stop for potty breaks frequently. It can be tricky, but since cats don’t usually come back when you call, you either need to do this in the closed, stopped car or put your cat on a leash and harness to make sure he doesn’t run off at the rest stop.

Just like dogs, cats can also get carsick, so talk to your vet before you hit the road! Better to have Dramamine and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Small Pets

Smaller animals, like rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, and birds should stay in their cages as much as possible. Like with cats, you want to pack plenty of litter so you can keep the cage clean while you’re traveling. Their cage might be fine for a few days at home, but in a tiny, enclosed car you may find yourself wanting to change it or at least freshen it up while you’re on the road.

Also like cats, if you do decide to take your smaller pet out of her cage in the moving car, make sure someone is holding her. A loose hamster can be dangerous. Say, for example, she gets under the brake pedal. That would be bad news!

With all of that in mind, the adorable videos on the next pages come with a caveat: many of these pet owners aren’t using the safest travel setups. Let’s focus less on that though and more on the adorable part. Because these animals are heart-meltingly cute!

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1. The Happiest Road-Tripping Cat EVER

How excited is this cat about being in the car? I have two cats, and they have a very different reaction to road trips. Usually, it involves a lot of crying and one or the other pees and poops on herself. This cat must think he’s on his way to catnip island!


2. Bean and The Bear Take a Road Trip

In this video, two cats named Bean and The Bear take a road trip. They are also so different from how my cats are in the car! They get out and bravely explore the situation, and no one pees or poops on himself.


3. An Iguana Enjoys the Journey

This one starts out just kind of cute, but for some reason the very last few seconds made me laugh really hard. But really, between the big heavy rocks in the windshield and the animal distracting the driver, this is very unsafe for both the driver and for the iguana.


4. Miimii the Kitten Has Had a Long Day

Miimii is the sweet kitten in this video. She must have had a great time on her trip, because she can barely stay awake. What is it about kittens falling asleep that activates the cuteness receptors in our brains?

5. Bask in the glow of these jowls!

We all know that dogs like to hang their heads out the window when they’re in the car, but when your pup has big, floppy jowls it really ups the cute factor.

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6. Even More Dog Jowls

I know that we just saw some jowls blowing in the wind, but is there such a thing as too much cute dog face? No! Check out this English bulldog’s stellar flappy jowl action.

7. Brotherly Love

This dog and kitten were on an 11 hour road trip, and somewhere in the middle of the journey, they fell in love.


8. More Cat and Dog Love

At first it looks like the cat in this video is in trouble, but it becomes clear pretty quickly that they are just playing, and of course the cat wins in the end.

9. Windshield Wipers are so Entertaining

Never mind that this cat is riding from Edmonton to Calgary on this fellow’s shoulder, but wait until he turns on the windshield wipers. The kitty looks like she is watching a tennis match!


10. Stella’s Shasta Adventure

This one is cute in a whole different way. It’s sweet, and you can tell that this pup is just having a blast. The soundtrack is perfect, too. I have never heard this song before, but I love it! The artist is Joey Ryan, and the song is “California.”

Have you taken your pets on road trips before? Did they love it? Hate it? Tell us your story in the comments!


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