10 Fascinating Facts About Coffee’s Journey From Bean To Brew

Ahhhhh coffee. Without you our mornings are groggy, cozy coffee shops wouldn’t exist, and all-night study sessions wouldn’t be possible. Although we may be able to brew a pot of coffee with our eyes closed (literally), few take the time to explore where coffee comes from (Hint: it’s not Seattle).

This fruit (yes fruit!) travels many miles, transforming from seed to bean to grinds before it lands in your cup, passing through the nose and palate of at least one highly-trained inspector before it’s deemed worthy of sale and distribution. Along the way, the humble coffee bean has become part of traditions and legends of mythical proportion. For instance, did you know that in ancient Arab culture the only way a woman could legally divorce her husband was if he didn’t provide enough coffee? Or that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote an opera about a woman who was addicted to coffee? And then there are all the awesome things coffee can do besides keep you awake.

Although coffee can be addictive, and there are bad times in store if you drink too many cups in a day, research seems to suggest that there are health benefits as well: Drinking coffee has been linked to everything from reduced diabetes risk to fertility and improved memory function.

This morning, as you sip your favorite mixture of coffee, water, creamer and/or sweetener, click through to the next page for an awesome infographic to learn more about how that coffee got to your cup. And be glad it did!

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Judging by the comments I guess I am pretty unusual, I hate coffee, I can't even stand the smell of it. An interesting article though.

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Got to love coffee!

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You could tell me ANYTHING about coffee & I'd STILL drink it!

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