10 Funny Sleeping Animals (Videos)


Some of us sleep on our sides, some on our backs and some on our stomachs. But these adorable pets and animals? Well, they sure find some very interesting positions to sleep in! Click through for some hilarious & sweet videos of pets and animals sleeping in some unimaginably awkward positions!

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Dreaming Dog

I can’t help but wonder what this funny pooch is dreaming about!

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All in a Day’s Work

After a day of “gym class” at this sanctuary, these baby sloths get all tuckered out. Watch to the end for the snoozing sloth’s funny position.

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Big Ball of Cat

This cat has sure found a funny way to take a snooze!

Crescent Cat

This cat, DingDing, apparently always sleeps like this!

Dog & Cat Love

Aw, what better way to sleep than in the embrace of a loved one?!

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Sleepy Monkeys

Is this how monkeys cuddle?!

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Really Relaxed Cat

This cat, Meesuk, must be quite the bed hog — look how stretched out he is!

Dreaming Mouse

Is it just me, or is this mouse sleep “talking”?!

Funny Husky

This Siberian Husky is such a squirmer!

Slumped Kitten

Well, too each their own!

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