10 Lovable Senior Cats Who Need a Home (Photos)

If given the choice between a fluffy, bright-eyed kitten and a slow-paced, toothless old cat, which would you choose?

While many of our readers might embrace the senior cats, this is unfortunately not the norm in animal shelters. Many senior cats used to be the beloved companions of elderly humans, but they outlive their human and need a new home for the remainder of their lives. Other senior cats come to shelters for the same reasons any cat does: they got picked up as a stray, their old owner relinquished them, etc.

Senior cats are complicated, of course: the costs of senior cat care can be high, and the heartbreak of pet loss is probably closer by than it would be with a kitten. However, senior cats make up for these challenges in countless ways: when welcomed into a new forever home, they bring with them a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, affection, humor, and love.

Here are ten lovable senior cats who are looking for homes, from shelters all over the U.S. Don’t you wish you could take them all home?

(Don’t forget: if you’re looking for a new animal companion, you can use Care2′s Adoptable Pets page to find your perfect match!)


1. Sunnie

8.5-year-old female. Furry Friends Network, Boiling Springs, PA.

The shelter says, “Sunnie is a very independent cat, but loves to get treats and other goodies from her humans.” She also adores being brushed!

2. Squeaky Kitty

Senior female. PAWS Precious Animals Worth Saving, Fowler, CA.

Squeaky Kitty is looking for a new home after her the death of her human. She loves being petted, and she even knows how to shake paws.

3. Whiskers

7-to-8-year-old male. Colony Cats & Dogs, Dublin, OH.

According to the shelter, the easygoing Whiskers’s original family left him at a humane society. Since black pets tend to have poor luck in shelters, he was due to be euthanized after many months of not finding a home… but a representative from his current shelter spoke up, and they were able to take him in.

4. Patches

10-year-old female. Regional Animal Services of King County, Kent, WA.

The shelter describes her character: “Most times I will come to you for attention, and will pace back and forth to help you pet me. When I am particularly content, I will purr, headbutt and rub against you.”

She has early kidney failure and vision problems, so she is a special-needs kitty, but she’s full of love to give.

5. King George

Senior male. Caring For Creatures, Palmyra, VA.

The shelter says that this regal fella used to be a stray, who came to the shelter covered with scratches and scabs, plus one tipped ear. He loves neck rubs, even from humans he’s just met, and he “has a reputation of befriending some of the younger kitties in his room and is oftentimes spotted sharing his extra energy with the young ones.”

He’s FIV+, so he has some special care needs.

6. Demetrius

10-year-old male. TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter, Pekin, IL.

Nobody knows where Demetrius came from: he was found wandering alone outside, which is pretty scary, since he’s front-paw declawed. Nonetheless, he’s a big lover. The shelter describes him: “I like to play with string balls, toys and laser lights. I [also] like to sleep in the bathtub, drink from the faucet and sleep on my back.”

He has diabetes, so he needs to follow a special diet, but he doesn’t currently need shots for his condition.

7. Kitty

9-year-old female. Heart of the Catskills Humane Society, Delhi, NY.

Her shelter says she’s a lovely lady of a cat, with great big eyes.

8. Stevie Wonder

10+-year-old male. Community Cat Connection, Webster, MA.

Although he was found abandoned in the streets, the shelter describes him as the sweetest, happiest boy: “I like people and I like attention, especially having my head and chin rubbed and scratched.”

He is a special-needs kitty, as he is partially blind, half-deaf, and toothless. He is also prone to ear infections, as his ears got badly frostbitten at some point in his life. Could you be his human?

9. Midas

12-year-old male. Fuzzy Friends Rescue, Waco, TX.

Midas would be happiest in a one-person household with no other pets; he’s affectionate, but doesn’t need attention all the time. The shelter adds, “You’ll know you’re loved by this cat.”

10. Bella

Senior female. South Lake Animal League, Clermont, FL.

Bella is a remarkable survivor. She was left with a broken pelvis and only one eye after a run-in with some awful humans, but after 3 months in the ER, she recovered. She’s a little apprehensive of people, of course, but very sweet and cuddly once she begins to trust you.



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Jo S.
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I hope all of them find loving homes soon.

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I hope they find a loving home

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Great cats ! I hope they find a great home :)

Alex S.
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Great cats ! I hope they find a great home :)

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To piękne koty. Ja mam 2 starsze koty ze schroniska, są u mnie już 2 lata. Bardzo podobne do tych ostatnich kotów, rudy kocur (z brakami w uzębieniu i przetrwałym kocim katarem)i czarna kotka (była dzika, a teraz jest przytulaśna, lubi głaskanie i głośno mruczy). Wzięłam takie koty, których nikt nie chciał. Już nie oddałabym ich za nic w świecie.

Terri Harris-Downing

I hope & pray someone takes everyone one of these great cats.

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