10 Probiotic Drinks You Can Make at Home

You can improve your gut health today without taking any medications or supplements. You only need tosip onprobiotic drinks. These drinks contain beneficial bacteria, which researchers say provide numerous benefits to your body and brain.

Poor gut health may be to blame for your recurring skin infections, for example. Instead of using creams to treat the rashes, improve your gut health and your skin will become clearer.

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy the benefits of probiotic drinks. You can make them at home using the recipes below.

10 Probiotic Drinks You Can Make at Home

1.Almond Milk Kefir

Who needs probiotic supplements when you can make almond milk kefir? It’s quite easy to make, and you can add it smoothiesor even drink it by itself every morning.

Also, the recipe doesn’t require lots of ingredients. You only need raw almonds, sea salt, water, probiotic powder and alcohol-free stevia.

2.Lacto-Fermented Lemonade

You will love probiotic drinks after taking this fizzy drink. It’s easy to prep and affordable.

Make sure you use fresh lemons when prepping it. Bottled juices contain additives that can ruin the fermentation process.


Kombucha is one of the most popular probiotic drinks. But buying it every other day isn’t exactly budget-friendly.

Well, don’t let the price stop you from enjoying this nutritious drink. You can brew kombucha loaded with probiotics at home. Here’s how to do it.

4.Beet Kvass

You probably know that beets are highly nutritious, but I bet you didn’t know they could improve your gut health. Beets offer lots of probiotics when fermented with whey, salt, water.

Now, don’t skip this recipe because you’re vegan or lactose intolerant. Simplyuse an extra tablespoon of salt in place of the whey.

5.Coconut Water Kefir

If you want to improve your digestion and complexion, take this drink regularly. Coconut water has strong antioxidant properties and even prevents kidney stones, according to research.

6.Natural Fizzy Ginger Ale

If you thought youcouldn’t enjoy soda without excess fructose, think again. You can make naturally fizzy soda using ginger.

Note that this probiotic drink may contain alcohol when fermented for weeks, so use the short fermentation process to make fizzy ginger ale without alcohol.

7.Pineapple Ginger Tepache

There are many reasons to love this fermented drink other than the sweet taste of pineapples. The main ingredients (pineapples, ginger, Manuka honey) are loaded with enzymes, probiotics, and vitamins.

This drink only takes 72 hours to ferment, which is a short period compared to most probiotic drinks.

8.Jun Tea

Legend has it that Jun tea is brewed by monks and spiritual warrior nomads in the Himalayas. That’s why to some, Jun tea is not just a probiotic drink, it’s a spiritual elixir.

While you may not be interested in the spiritual part of it, you definitely want to drink this tea, which is made with green tea and honey. It actually ferments faster than its cousin kombucha.

9.Water Kefir

If you have kefir grains, you can make this drink in about 10 minutes since you only need water, sugar, and glass jars. It only needs to ferment for two to four days, total, so it’s a relatively quick probiotic drink to make.


This Indian drink is made by fermenting vegetables. To make it you need beets, carrots, mustard powder, water, cayenne, salt and black pepper.

Have you tried any of these probiotic drinks? Which ones are your favorites?

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