10 Surprising Coffee Facts

How much do you know about your morning cup of joe? We’ve rounded up some coffee facts that just might surprise you!

Coffee is a controversial beverage. Is it healthy? Is it unhealthy? How much is too much coffee? Whether you’re a coffee fan or not, I hope you’ll find these coffee facts interesting!

Personally, I love a cup of coffee. Now that I have a baby, I’m a two to three cup-a-day gal. Not only do I like drinking coffee, I’m kind of a nerd for coffee-related research. I enjoy checking out the latest studies on coffee and sorting out ways to make my coffee habit a little bit more eco-friendly.

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Are you a coffee drinker? Check out these fun coffee facts!

10 Surprising Coffee Facts

surprising coffee facts

1. French press coffee may raise your cholesterol.

Wait! But there’s no cholesterol or saturated fat in coffee! That’s true. Read about how cafestrol – a compound in unfiltered coffee – can impact cholesterol.

2. Coffee may prevent depression.

In a survey of over 50,000 women, researchers found that 2-4 cups of coffee per day reduced incidence of depression by 15 to 20 percent. Read more!

3. Out of creamer? You can lighten coffee with coconut milk!

It’s called Bulletproof Coffee, and if you like coconut, you are going to love this! Read more!

4. Not all coffee is vegan.

In fact civet coffee production not only involves animals but is under investigation for animal cruelty. Read more!

5. Fancy coffee concoctions often contain GMOs.

If you are trying to avoid GMOs, you may want to think twice about that pumpkin spice latte. Read more!

6. Coffee might prevent type 2 diabetes.

A recent study found that 2-3 cups of coffee per day could reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 25 percent. Read more!

7. We drink about 1400 million cups of coffee every day.

That’s right! Worldwide, we are consuming 1.4 billion cups of java daily. Read more!

8. It takes 130 liters (over 34 gallons) of water to produce the beans for 1 cup of coffee.

Coffee is not the most water-efficient drink, that’s for sure. Read more!

9. Coffee may protect women from endometrial cancer.

A massive survey found that coffee – decaf or regular – can reduce endometrial cancer risk by around seven to eight percent. Read more!

10. Contrary to conventional wisdom, coffee grounds are not great for your garden, even for plants that like acidic soil.

Coffee grounds are OK on your garden in moderation, but it’s easy to overdo it. Where can they be most beneficial? In your compost bin. Read more!

Have you run across any fun coffee facts? Tell us about them in the comments!

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Alexander Hay-Whitton

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Alexander Hay-Whitton

Brew the strongest espresso art can contrive, put it in a pre-heated cup, and pour in brandy over the back of a spoon. Set it on fire and enjoy the enticing spectacle and ravishing smell before drinking (but let it burn out first, especially if you have a moustache!).

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Very interesting. I love coffee.

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Monica Collier4 years ago

I love good coffee but only buy fair trade beans. It may cost more but peace of mind is worth it.

Nikki Davey
Nikki Davey4 years ago

I'll now put my coffee grounds into the composted bin rather than on the ground.

Mariana O.
Mariana O4 years ago

Guys, enjoy a cup of coffee and forget cholesterol. True drinkers are interested in quality beans. Roast them (you can sprinkle some cognac/brandy before), grind them, make the coffee (the Turkish way is the best), drink it slowly (not the French or Italian way) and start your day. Coffee needs time.

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