10 Thoughtful Gifts for Your Favorite Zero Waster

The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate friends and family and linger in feelings of joy and gratitude. It’s also a great time to get your consumer habits in check!

Have a zero waster in your life who is trying to cut down on excess? Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas that won’t make them squirm, but smile instead!


10 Thoughtful Gifts for
Your Favorite Zero Waster


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1. Steel + Bamboo Chopsticks

Made from renewable, recyclable materials, these gorgeous steel and bamboo chopsticks are perfect for the foodie in your life! Plus, they come in a lovely little carry case, so they can be easily stashed in one’s purse.

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2. Zero Waste Self-Care Kit

Typical health and beauty products are designed for disposal and contribute to a significant portion of household waste. These beautifully crafted products may be used again and again, till the end of their life when they can be composted.

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3. Zero Waste Lunch Kit

Coffee cup, to-go tin, cutlery…this kit has everything one might need to go out for lunch without creating an ounce of garbage. Bonus: these are perfect for picnics! You might just want to pick one up for yourself.

zero-waste-gift-holiday (7)

4. Geranium Frankincense Body Oil

Perfect for that person in your life who loves luxury, this body oil smells sweet and nourishes the body with all sorts of delicious all-natural ingredients.

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5. “Don’t Mess With Mama” Tote

Help your recipient share their love for Mother Nature with the world! This bag will help them keep plastic bags out of landfills and make grocery shopping a whole lot more interesting.

zero-waste-gift-holiday (8)

6. Opinel Folding Mini Chain Knife

This tiny but mighty pocket knife will be a no-brainer addition to your recipient’s “phone, wallet, keys” list. It has a million uses: cut off tags, open packages…you name it!

zero-waste-gift-holiday (6)

7. Biodegradable Pela iPhone Case

Now your loved one can talk, text and tweet the sustainable way! This case is durable, eye-catching and biodegradable. No guilt. Tons of style.

zero-waste-gift-holiday (9)

8. Dusk Lip Paint

Zero waste makeup doesn’t have to be crunchy. It’s classy too! Pick up this delightful hazy mauve lip paint if you want something out there. It’s flattering on every skin tone.

zero-waste-gift-holiday (10)

9. Que 12-oz Collapsible Water Bottle

Say goodbye to plastic water bottles! This lightweight bottle will serve every need on the go. Made from silicone, its spiral design allows it to collapse to half its size. Especially great in airports, coffee shops and on hikes!

zero-waste-gift-holiday (1)

10. Plaine Products Shampoo Subscription

Throwaway shampoo bottles are now a thing of the past! Plaine has done an incredible job designing a subscription service that delivers top-tier beauty products like shampoo and body lotion in refillable stainless steel containers. This is a serious zero waste win.


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