10 Vegan Bloggers Share Their Favorite Money-Saving Tips

Want to go vegan but are worried it will cost too much? These vegan bloggers share their tips on how they save money while still living a healthy plant-based lifestyle.


andrew olson

Many people think that eating a plant-based diet is more expensive, but I’ve found the opposite to be true. The savings on meat and dairy products more than compensate for the cost of a few extra fruits and veggies. The staple foods that make up a typical vegan diet (oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, beans, etc.) are some of the cheapest ingredients in the store. In fact, one of my favorite ways to save money on groceries is to use the bulk bins! You can save big on whole grains, dried beans, nuts, and seeds.

-Andrew Olson, OneIngredientChef.com


emily von euw

Base your meals and recipes around affordable, healthy, whole foods staples, such as rolled oats (oatmeal with maple syrup and peanut butter for breakfast!), rice, potatoes, beans, and bananas (great as a base in smoothies). Add to these foods what you like: spices, sauces, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits or veggies that are on sale at the grocery store, etc. and you’ll have a pretty well-rounded, colorful and delicious diet.

-Emily von Euw, This Rawsome Vegan Life


amanda burger

Iím a solo full-time traveler and a longtime vegan. Oftentimes, people think both eating vegan and traveling can be expensive but they are really not. I like to save money on vegan food while traveling by frequenting the local farmersí markets. Itís one of my favorite things to do when I get to a new town. Farmersí markets not only give you a real feel of the pulse of the city, but you can also discover new foods and buy items like fresh local organic produce, nuts, legumes, breads, handmade soaps and much, much more. You can avoid processed foods, product packaging and plastic bags, so itís healthier, greener, cheaper and ultimately, way more fun than shopping at a traditional supermarket.

-Amanda Burger, burgerabroad.com†


anna wildman

I make my own granola. Store-bought granola is insanely expensive ($5-$10 a bag), and is too easy to make myself that I can’t justify buying it. All I do is mix oats, nuts, sweetener, and oil, toast that in the oven, and then add whatever else I want (like dried fruit and chocolate) afterward and I’m done! The best part about making my own granola is that I can make it as traditional or as fancy as I’d like– I love experimenting with different spices, add-ins, and sweeteners to come up with different, yet equally delicious, concoctions.

Recipe: Fruit-Sweetened Granola

-Anna Wildman, Running Vegan NYC


Susan Edelman

Sometimes, wandering through the specialty food aisles at health food stores or the organic food sections at grocery stores, makes vegan cooking seem like an expensive proposition. But think of the savings! No meat. No dairy, including no cheese, often a pricey item. Also, think beans! Good old dried beans. There is nothing cheaper and more nutrition packed than bean chili, soups, salad, dips, rice and bean dishes and sauces.

-Susan Edelman, alittlesage.com


diane vukovic

After you get animal products out of your diet, the next step is to remove animals from products like shampoo, face washes, toothpaste and soap. Vegan beauty products are really pricy, but there is no need to spend tons of money on these. Just make your own beauty products out of fruits. For example, Iíll smash a banana on my face to moisturize. Add a bit of turmeric and coconut oil to the banana and it is a great acne treatment.

-Diane Vukovic, Plenteousveg.com


marla rose

What I really like to do is make a weekly menu based on organic, in-season produce and other†items†that are on marked down that week by going to the grocery stores’ websites and finding out what’s on sale. From there, you can plan a bunch of meals without walking in unprepared into a grocery store and impulse buying. I use the “notes” section on my iPhone for my grocery list and really don’t deviate from what is on there unless I find some unexpected great deals.

-Marla Rose, Vegan Street


nick shell

One smart and easy way I save money as a vegan is that I refuse to pay for gym membership. Granted, I still work out regularly: I mountain bike, I run, I do pushups while my five year-old son sits on top of my back. I even do pull ups at a nearby playground. Plus, I do a minimum of three 10 minute walks per day while I record my daily YouTube videos.

I believe America has a double standard when it comes to working out: that you must have six pack abs to be “healthy.” That’s asinine. That’s like when a person goes on a diet by eating nothing but salads and drinking diet soda.

Instead, you can have a healthy heart by not only committing to a vegan diet (which causes you to never consume more than 0% of your daily cholesterol allowance) but also by finding practical ways to “work out” for free, like I do. No, I don’t have six pack abs, but my doctor tells me I’m one of the healthiest patients he has for my age.

-Nick Shell, Family Friendly Daddy Blog


sam turnbull

One of my favorite ways to save money is to have all my friends over for dinner instead of going to a restaurant. You can easily make a big pot of chili or a pasta dish, a salad, and some bread for very little money. Everyone will be totally satisfied, and will probably even bring you a bottle of wine as a thank you for hosting. Way cheaper than eating out, and so much more fun!

-Sam Turnbull, itdoesnttastelikechicken.com


natalie norman

It’s so important to understand that one does not need to spend a lot of money on trendy superfoods like goji berries in order to obtain maximum nutrition on a raw vegan diet. When your diet is comprised of eating large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables, you easily obtain high levels of vitamins and minerals without having to resort to expensive packaged foods. For example, blend up fresh medjool dates with soaked almonds, then roll in coconut for a simple, easy, affordable dessert.

-Natalie Norman, www.natalienorman.com

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