10 Ways to Decorate Your Home with Succulents

Succulents are fantastic plants for home decoration. They require little water and minimal care, which makes them perfect for beginners. And they also happen to be very on-trend. They’re pretty, stylish, quirky and generally fun to decorate with, which is why people are such big fans of using them in their homes. Here are 10 of my favorite ways to decorate with succulents.

Make a Wreath


Image via Better Homes and Gardens

This stunning wreath from Better Homes and Gardens may be an option that’s more appropriate for expert crafters than for beginners. However, you could easily make this less intense by simply using fewer succulents. Concentrate them in the bottom left corner, or go all-out and cover the entire thing—the choice is yours.

Plant Them in a Cigar Box


Image via Town and Country Living

This creative and affordable DIY technique is perfect for anyone who has some pretty cigar boxes lying around. Pick one of two of your favorite succulents and use them in this conversation-starting craft idea. Intersperse greenery, seashells, stones, crystals or anything else you feel would look nice with your succulent box.

Make a Terrarium


Image via A Daily Something

Arguably the most popular method for displaying succulents, terrariums are definitely having a moment. You can probably pick these little plant homes up at your local garden center, but isn’t it more fun to try making them yourself?

Find a Retro Vase

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.16.21 PMImage via DIY Inspired

Head to your local thrift store or secondhand store, and pick up some stylish retro vases. They make for a delightful home for your succulents! Feel free to play up the vintage vibe even further by using green or blue stones if you feel daring.

Plant them in Driftwood

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 3.14.31 PM
Image via Craftberry Bush

These driftwood-based DIY planters are amazing. They make for beautiful centerpieces on your dining room table, but they’re so versatile that there’s really a never-ending list of ways to use them. You can even use them as tiny party favors, placing a mini driftwood/succulent combo on each guest’s dinner plate. Or, you can use them on the walls by mounting the driftwood slabs.

Make a New Table


Image via Far Out Flora

Speaking of centerpieces, take your love for succulents all the way by DIY-ing this dining room table. It literally has the succulents embedded in it, so this piece is a pretty big commitment. But, as it’s DIY, it’s relatively affordable to make—so you really can’t go wrong.

Plant Them in Painted Pots


Image via Homestead 128

It’s a classic solution to the how-to-show-off-your-houseplants dilemma: Put them in pretty painted pots. I love the look of these ombre pots, but you can choose whatever pattern or color suits your style, from plain ceramic to polka dots.

Make Them Magnetic


Image via The Country Chic Cottage

These little magnets are the perfect way to affix things to your fridge in style. All you’ll need for this simple craft are glass vials, moss, magnets, a hot glue gun and—of course—your succulents. We recommend you keep them artificial so that your magnets last longer.

Make a Hanging Terrarium


Image via Adventures in Cooking

Instead of using a terrarium that takes up space, why not make a hanging terrarium? This elegant-looking decor piece is a relatively simple craft to DIY, and it’s sure to impress anyone who sees it.

Display Them in a Glass Bowl


Image via Inspired by Charm

Finally, a centerpiece that really is all about the plants. This glass bowl design lets your succulents remain the star of the show while still looking stylish and chic.


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