10 Simple Morning Pleasures

I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning.

J. B. Priestley

I recently visited a beautiful weekend retreat near Delhi, India.†Achrol Bagh is located quite close to the big city of Jaipur, but it has the serene feel of a remote retreat. Sprawling Aravali Hills surround its lush green expanse, and the owner has built and nurtured his estate with great respect for its environs. It was such a contrast from the noisy city life one leads!

At Achrol, I woke up to crisp birdsong and watched a lovely sunrise from the open window of my cottage. Sipping warm lemon water in the verandah felt so good! Within less than an hour of waking up, I had experienced one of my happiest mornings in a long time.

This set me thinking, what are some of the simple things we can do in our own homes to make our mornings more serene and beautiful? Iíve jotted down some ideas. Do add some of your own!

  • Clean, uncluttered surroundings. Countless studies show how clutter disturbs sleep and can ruin your day. (See: 8 Easy Steps to No More Clutter)
  • A cool, peaceful color-scheme. It is indeed calming to wake up in a white, blue or green bedroom. (See:†Feng Shui Home Color Guide)
  • The sight of fresh flowers and/or trees. Thereís a near-spiritual joy in watching their pure beauty.
  • The smell of fresh airóopen up that window!
  • The sound of birds, gentle wind chimes, soft rain, or perhaps Bach. If nothing else, just stretch and breathe deep. Listen to the rhythm of your breathing, and let it fill you with fresh oxygen and new energy.
  • A beautiful sunrise: deeply healing to the soul.
  • A tall glass of warm water with honey and lemon, to kickstart the digestive system.
  • Positive thoughts on the day ahead.
  • Energy in every well-rested limb, and a renewed supply of willpower.
  • The touch of a loved one. Need I say more?

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