Brass Cleaner

What is a good way to clean brass without buying a commercial cleaner?

Most commonly used kitchen cupboard or refrigerator ingredients that
contain a natural acid, such as vinegar, Tobasco Sauce, ketchup, tomatoes,
milk, and lemon or lime juice, will remove tarnish. The tarnish washes away
with an acid rub or soak. You might have to remove the lacquer cover if the
brass is new. Do this by submerging the brass in boiling water with a few
teaspoons each baking soda and washing soda (available in the laundry section
of the supermarket). Once the lacquer has peeled off, polish dry.


Chris Ray
Chris R6 years ago


Adolphus A.
Adolphus A.7 years ago

Thanks for the tip for removing the lacquer coating. I have been using a lacquer remover that is VERY harsh. I'll try boiling water to remove the lacquer and then clean and polish with BrassMate. Will the boiling water harm a brass plated item?

Rose K.
Past Member 8 years ago

I love your tips about homemade brass cleaners but it takes too much polishing and that hurts my hands. I was told about Brassmate brass cleaner and it is a very mild liquid brass cleaner that I just dip my brass in for a few seconds and rinse it and it looks new.

di Allen
Past Member 9 years ago

I love a liquid brass cleaner called Brassmate. It is soooo easy and only takes about 30 seconds to clean and polish brass.

Bernice Sims
Bernice Sims10 years ago

I have an expensive Italian made Brass Bed. It has dark spots and blotchers. How can I safely restore to beautiful shine and remove these spots. What is a preventive.? Thank You