How to Attract Helpful People into your Life

Attracting helpful people is an important key to success in both our personal and professional lives.

The art of Feng Shui addresses all of the main areas of our lives and teaches that our homes can be useful tools for attracting all of the things that we desire on our deepest level.

Form School is a particular school of Feng Shui that uses what is called a Bagua Map. It is a map that is put over your floor plan that identifies the  nine key energy centers (the “Helpful People” section is one of the nine).

Using the Bagua Map is similar to creating a vision board. It gives you a physical place in your home to place the visual affirmations that you are working with. Once you locate  a specific energy center, you place objects there that represent what you want to bring into your life, as well at the things you want to keep on flowing. Just like a vision board, the messages you planted there in the form of physical objects are registering in both the conscious and subconscious mind and are sent out to the universe like radio signals.

As in the law of attraction, like attracts like. The more powerful the visual affirmation (i.e those fused with positive emotions) , the more powerful the thought form. The strength of the thought form is what focuses the chi ( energy) in the desired direction.  In working with energy enhancements, make sure to choose the objects that have the most meaning for you (if you make them yourself, even better!). Feng Shui is not about hanging a talisman in your space that mysteriously brings you good fortune. This is a trite quick-fix approach which is unfortunately promoted in many Feng Shui books, giving it a bad name.

At its deepest level Feng Shui acknowledges our profound connection to our physical surroundings and the interconnection between the seen and unseen worlds. It teaches that in aligning our outer environment with our deepest desires (our inner environment), we bring our lives into balance.

In Feng Shui Helpful People refers to the angels who appear in our lives just when we need them. It is about synchronicity, being in the right place at the right time and knowing that the universe will send us the necessary helpers to assist us on our path. A chance meeting with a stranger links us to finding our life partner or connects us to a dream job, etc.

The Helpful People area is also about Travel . This is a great place to place pictures, books, postcards and other objects depicting the places you wish to travel to as well as  affirming that everything will go smoothly when you do.

You may want to enhance this area if:

  • You want to attract teachers, clients, colleagues, customers, employees, a nanny, gardener, contractor, or helpful people of any kind into your life, or if you are planning to relocate either your home or job.
  • If you desire to travel and intend that it to be safe, easy and synchronistic.

How to Locate and Enhance the Helpful People and Travel Area of your Home

This part of Feng Shui comes out of the teaching of the Bagua, the source of which is the ancient Chinese book of wisdom and divination, the I Ching. To read more about the Bagua, I will refer you to my prior article: Where is Energy in your Home.

The ancient Feng Shui masters felt there were certain energy centers of our homes that correspond to all of the key areas of our lives. We can locate these energy centers by overlaying what is called a Bagua map, onto the floor plan of our living space.  Once we locate them we want to:

1.   Take a look at what is going on there and see if it connects to what is going on in our lives at present. (You may have some ah’hah moments!)

2.  Clean it up, clear it out and make it an attractive place to spend time in.

3.   Add enhancements to encourage the chi (energy) to become activated along with environmental affirmations that represent what it is you do want to have happen in this area of your life. These can be collages, vision boards, meaningful objects, pictures etc. What ever invokes a sense of excitement and passion around the desired object or outcome.

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Here are some suggested enhancements if you would like to activate the Helpful People and Travel area of your home:

1.   Objects, statues, posters or vision boards that represent your own personal spiritual guides such as saints, angels, gods, goddesses, deities, nature,  power animals, totems, etc.

2.   Posters, paintings, collages or photos of special places you have traveled or would like to travel to or objects from places in the world that have always inspired you.

3.   Pictures and objects that represent the living ‘angels’ in your life.

4.   Items pertaining to helpful people such as clients, customers, employees, teachers, benefactors and mentors that you want to attract into your life or keep in your life. You may be working with attracting the perfect nanny or gardener or handyman, or even volunteers for your non-profit.

5.  Create a ‘helpful angels’ garden outside or a nook in your home. If you are missing this area from your floor plan, create the garden in the area outside where this would be located in the home. Add the symbols that are the most personal to you. (Please note I am not promoting we have our yards look like  ‘My Big Fat Green Wedding,’  with huge statues of Athena in the front yard!)

6.   Find a box you love and turn it into an affirmations box and place it in this area. Write an affirmation about what it is you desire to bring into your life in terms of Helpful People and Travel. Write it with gratitude, in present tense as if it is true now. Date it and read it frequently, visualizing clearly what it is you are requesting and feel it as if it is happening in the present.

7.   Accessories in the colors of white, gray or black. Please don’t paint the walls black, just have some accessories in these colors which represent both the water and metal elements connected to this area.

If you are trying to sell your home, you may want to put cards of Realtors in your Helpful People Affirmations Box. If you are looking for a new home, pictures and affirmations of the ideal place would go here, placed next to your vision

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How to Place the Bagua Over the Floor Plan of your Home.

Click Here for your free color copy of the Bagua Map

1. Draw a sketch of the floor plan of your space. This should be the birds-eye view as if you are looking down on it. Include all built-on decks, stairways and attached garages. If you live in a condo, apartment or one room, draw the shape of this as if you are looking down from above.

2. Draw a square or rectangle over the floor plan in the shape of the Bagua map. Stretch it out into a long skinny rectangle if need be. All of the areas of the home (or space) need to be within the square or rectangle. If your home is an irregular shape, still draw the rectangle or square around it. Not all homes are square or rectangular, so you may very well be missing some areas of the Bagua. Instructions on how to deal with this are below.

3. Stand at the front door with the map parallel to the floor with the Entrance Quadrant touching your stomach. This will tell you the direction to overlay the Bagua map onto the floor plan of your home.

4. Now divide your home with the Bagua map overlaid on it in nine equal sections. This will identify for you where all of the key nine areas are of your home are. The wealth area will always be the far left quadrant of the home and the Love and Marriage the far right section, etc.

5. If your home is not a rectangle or square, you may be missing areas of the Bagua. If this is the case, you can do a mini-Bagua for each room of your home and enhance the HP & T corner of each room. Treat the main entrance to the room like you would the front door of the home and lay the Bagua accordingly. This energetically brings back into the space the missing area. If this area falls in the yard, create a Helpful People garden if appropriate.

6. If you have more than one floor of your home, what ever is below is above. You do not turn the Bagua differently for each floor. In which case you may have more than one H P & T area, the same rules of enhancement apply to all areas!

Note:  I practice and write about Western Form School Feng Shui, which works with the Bagua map and is a different school than Classical Compass School Feng Shui, which uses a Chinese compass along with Chinese Astrology to determine chi or energy flow.  I suggest you choose the approach that resonates the most with you and stick with it.

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Erica Sofrina is the author of the book Small Changes, Dynamic Results! Feng Shui for the Western World , and is the Fonder of the West Coast Academy of Feng Shui, which offers Practitioner Certification Programs and Seminars both nationally and internationally.


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