11 Handmade Ways to Commemorate Flag Day

Everybody knows Memorial Day and the Fourth of July, but what exactly is Flag Day? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like it would be: the day we commemorate the adoption of the American flag, celebrated on June 14th. We also celebrate the Army’s birthday on June 14th. Flag Day was announced by President Wilson in 1916 and officially enacted in 1949 by Congress. Though not an official federal holiday, Pennsylvania celebrates it as a state holiday.

Read on for flags you might consider adding to your collection. They were all made by American artists and are listed online for sale.

This paint splash American flag was made from the pages of a vintage dictionary. 8 x 10″, one-of-a-kind from Paper Gangster Prints.

Photograph of an American flag hanging off a 1949 GMC Jimmy. 4 x 6″ matted print from Star 8278.

Canvas painting of a flag with quote and buttons. 8 x 10″ by Caren Creates.

Flag painted on wood furring strips. 20 x 11″ by Handmade by Jenny Lou.

15 x 22″ watercolor painting by KBL Boutique.

Reclaimed distressed metal sign painted 24 x 16″ by Mann Made Designs 6.

4 x 5′ antique painted window by Fill My Pane.

American flag painted coat rack, 24 x 5″ by What We Made.

Wall hanging made with corkboard and bottlecaps by Leigh Silveria, size 17 x 23″.

Hand-dyed ribbon on white muslin mounted on a hoop by Trash Can Diva, 14″ diameter.

30 x 40″ fine art painting by Ora Birenbaum.


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Thank you Lo.

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Jo S5 years ago

Thanks, Lo, Nice ideas for Memorial & Flag Day.

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to each their own

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Looks like another "celebration" to make a buck

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Interesting ideas...thanks!

Deborah D.
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Please revisit how we have to navigate thru these 'death by slideshow' articles.
Too many of these have MAYBE 1 out of 10 imagessubjects I am at all interested in...iVillage and Real Simple have some very nice interfaces for this.

So you are showing these to either sell the work of these craftspeople OR to encourage people to make their own versions of these pieces.

Gloria H.
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artisan made flags more like it. Granted they are handmade..but use it as a launching idea for your own "flag". Notice it is the essence of "flag"...red, white, blue...not all of them had the correct number of stars and stripes. They could be pink, cream and turquoise stars and stripes. Or just red, white and blue buttons on some sort of background, you eyes and mind puts the combo together and reads 'flag".