11 Ways to Avoid Salmonella From New Egg Outbreak

The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has announced that eggs tainted with salmonella have been linked to illnesses in Colorado, California and Minnesota. State health officials say the eggs have sickened at least 266 people in California and seven in Minnesota.

The outbreak has been tracked back to Wright County Egg in Galt, Iowa. The company has begun a voluntary recall of 228 million eggs–equivalent to 19-million dozen eggs! Many of the affected eggs are widely-carried supermarket brands.

The affected cartons come in varying sizes and carry plant numbers P1026, P1413 and P1946, followed by a date code ranging from 136 to 225. The stamps with the date codes and plant numbers can be found on the end of the egg carton, and the eggs may be sold under any of the following brand names:

Country Eggs, Inc.
Dutch Farms
Farm Fresh
Glenview Farms (US Foodservice brand)
Lucerne (Safeway Brand)
Lund (Lund Egg Co. of Woodville, WI)
Mountain Dairy

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The most common symptoms of salmonella are diarrhea, abdominal cramps and fever within eight hours to 72 hours of eating a contaminated product. It can be life-threatening, especially to those with weakened immune systems.

According to the CDC, consumers should take these precautions to avoid contracting salmonella:

1. Don’t eat recalled eggs or products containing recalled eggs. Recalled eggs might still be in grocery stores, restaurants, and consumers’ homes.

2. Consumers who have recalled eggs should discard them or return them to their retailer for a refund.

3. Individuals who think they might have become ill from eating recalled eggs should consult their health care providers.

4. Keep eggs refrigerated at ≤ 45° F (≤7° C) at all times.

5. Discard cracked or dirty eggs.

6. Wash hands, cooking utensils, and food preparation surfaces with soap and water after contact with raw eggs.

7. Eggs should be cooked until both the white and the yolk are firm and eaten promptly after cooking.

8. Do not keep eggs warm or at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

9. Refrigerate unused or leftover egg- containing foods promptly.

10. Avoid eating raw eggs.

11. Avoid restaurant dishes made with raw or undercooked, unpasteurized eggs. Restaurants should use pasteurized eggs in any recipe (such as Hollandaise sauce or Caesar salad dressing) that calls for raw eggs.

And to add my personal recommendation: If you eat eggs, opt for ones not produced by a factory farm. Not only are factory farms cruel and inhumane, but they create unsafe food. One study showed that 23.4 per cent of farms with caged hens tested positive for salmonella compared to 4.4 per cent in organic flocks and 6.5 per cent in free-range flocks.

To help make sense of what the labels on egg cartons mean–like what’s the difference between “cage-free” and “free-roaming”–see Easy Greening: Organic Eggs.


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Thank you.

Nimue Pendragon

Ditto, Yvette :)

Yvette T.
Past Member 6 years ago

The only way to avoid salmonella from eggs is to never eat eggs! Mixing animal tissues, blood, fluids with our own is very disgusting. All slaughtered animals have ecoli, feces, urine mixed in...and animal carcasses are combined together.

Carl Nielsen
Carl Nielsen6 years ago

Clean eggs from a clean farm? Are you nuts? - eggs come out the arse of a hen, the same arse it uses to defecate.
You can get Salmonella on as clean a farm as you can find.
And a recent Danish study found that 1/3 of all conventional chicken farms had Salmonella while 2/3 of organic chicken farms had it.

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Sharon Balloch
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Heres what the problem was last time..

Salmonella samples link 2 Iowa farms to egg recall, FDA says

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Food and Drug Administration officials say they have found positive samples of salmonella that link two Iowa farms to a massive egg recall.

Investigators found salmonella in chicken feed at Wright County Egg that was used by that farm and also Hillandale Farms, the FDA said. Authorities also found additional samples of salmonella in other locations at Wright County Egg. More than 550 million eggs from the two farms were recalled this month after being linked to salmonella poisoning in several states.

One of the positive salmonella samples was found in a feed ingredient sold to Wright County Egg by a third-party supplier, Central Bi-Products, according to Wright County Egg. That raises new questions about whether other egg farms also received contaminated feed.

The FDA could not confirm that the feed element came from a third party but has said it doesn’t believe that the outbreak will expand beyond the two farms.

Also Thursday, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said up to 1,470 illnesses could be linked to the outbreak, about 200 more than previously thought.

Sherri McGarry of the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition said the salmonella found at Wright County Egg matches the strain found in many of those who were sickened. She said the tests indica

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Elizabeth P.
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Here are another eleven precautions: don't eat factory farm eggs, don't buy products that contain factory farm eggs, don't patronize restaurants that serve factory farm eggs, don't support factory farm eggs, don't eat factory farm chickens, don't buy products that contain factory farm chickens, don't patronize restaurants that serve factory farm chickens, don't support factory farms, don't pretend factory farming is okay, don't think chickens want you to eat them AT ALL, don't look the other way.

Freya The Wanderer
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Lucky for me I live in Georgia, and we haven't been affected - yet.