12 Halloween Foodie Treats

If you’re planning a last-minute Halloween party or get-together, or just need some quick ideas for something to make for your kid’s school event this Wednesday, have no fear! We’ve got you covered with recipes that will have the whole group excited.

If none of these recipes appeal to you, be sure to click around on each site mentioned in order to find plenty of other recipe ideas. Each place we pulled recipes from had tons of good ideas – we just chose our favorites from each site. Luckily, the options are truly endless!


Halloween Ghost Cookies from Betty Crocker. Total time: 45 minutes. Serves 14. If cookies are what you’re after, it doesn’t get cuter (or more fun!) than this easy stack how-to.

While there are tons of Halloween drinks out there on the web, our favorite is this Candy Corn Screwdriver from Betty Crocker. It only takes 5 minutes to make 4 drinks! Ingredients include vodka, candy corn, pulp-free OJ, and ice.


If you’re looking to make one big cake and be done with it, look no further than this nifty cat cake recipe from Betty Crocker. While there are tons of other options for cakes on the site, this adorable kitty cat pulls off a perfectly themed creation that won’t spook the young’uns.

If you’re looking for something a bit more spooky and creative, might we suggest this “Witches Brew” from All Recipes? It makes 16 servings, and a fake hand is frozen in a disposable glove and then dropped into a punch bowl for maximum holiday glee!


If you’re thinking cupcakes is the way to go (and when is it not?), we’re really digging these “Yummy Mummy” treats from Better Homes and Gardens.

These Crispy Phyllo-Wrapped Hot Dog Mummies are the perfect appetizer for your Halloween shindig. The Food Network website shows us how to make 8 servings in about an hour.


If you’re never one to shy away from a good cheese ball, you’ll really enjoy these batty bites from My Recipes. The recipes yields 16 balls at a cheapo cost of .82 cents per ball.

No adult party is ever complete without a deviled egg on the food table. These Bedeviled Eggs from Martha Stewart are simple to create—and are just the first in a 36-slide-long gallery of ideas for awesome appetizers and main courses.


If you like taking simple food options and getting crafty with the look (as opposed to crafty with the actual ingredients), this Black Bean Cat from Spoonful might be the perfect creation for your household. Not to mention, it’s super healthy!

Another healthy option are these Jack-o’-Lantern oranges from Taste of Home. Great for the kids’ school party, this simple how-to will yield 8 servings in the course of an hour.


Did someone say cheese puffs? These fluffy and tender balls have a nice tang and super-seasonal look. Taste of Home has a recipe that will give you 18 servings (great if you’re having a large amount of people over) with 20 minutes of prep and 20 minutes of baking.

We like to save the best for last, and we’re really digging these simple “Spooky Fingers” from Delish. It took us looking at the recipe to realize that the simple recipe is nothing but chocolate-dipped pretzels! Churn out a dozen in 25 minutes.



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