12 Healthy (and Fun) Ways to Start Your Day

In 2017, a Deloitte Global Mobile Consumer Survey found that 89 percent of people check their phones within one hour of waking. That’s an astounding number of people bypassing the best opportunity for setting the pace of the day.

Imagine how you would feel if you could wake up, stretch and simply breathe. What if you slowly got out of bed, meditated for five minutes or longer, and showered with no thought about this email or that text message.

You may be busy. You may have a full plate begging for your attention. But you’re no good if you’re burnt out before you’re out of bed. If you want less stress and more joy, then put down the phone and do these things instead.

1) Move

Stretch. Curl into a ball. And stretch again. Bend and flex your legs and arms. Arch your back. Crawl out of bed, pull out your yoga mat, and down dog with some acknowledgements to the sun. Or hit the ground running. Take your tennies to the pavement for fresh air and movement. Get your blood flowing. Pump your muscles and organs full of oxygen and nutrients. There’s no better way to get your brain in gear.

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2) Pray

No matter what higher power you believe in, if you believe, you know the power of prayer. If you’re like most people, you’ve got stress in your life. Pray for that stress. Pray for your body. Pray for your friends and family. Pray for the day. Make a connection to the Divine.

3) Meditate

No need to leave bed for this one, unless you’re tempted to snooze. If that’s the case, snag your favorite chair or spot on the couch. Meditate for five, ten, 15 minutes or more. Meditation reigns in your monkey mind and gives you the focus necessary to handle challenges with clarity and patience.

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4) Gratitude

It can be hard to be grateful if your life is falling down around you. But even in your darkest days, there’s plenty to be grateful for. Let’s start with the most obvious: you’re alive. You breathe. Your heart pumps. Start there, then take a look around. What else can you be grateful for? The clothes on your back. The bed, couch, car or bench you slept on. The food you eat. The stranger who smiled. The penny you found on the sidewalk. And if you’re blessed with abundance, then praise the high heavens for all you have been given.

5) Breathe

Breath stimulates the body and mind. Oxygen rushes in and perfuses your entire system which stimulates energy production while cleansing your body of toxins and waste. Breathe now, breathe more, breathe often. Do a series of breathing exercises like equal breathing (same count in and out, through the nose).

6) Journal

Journaling is for those inclined towards a heavy heart or cluttered mind. Spill onto the page in a fury of uninhibited writing. Do stream of consciousness where you write for a set period of time, unedited, non-stop. Or write thoughtfully but honestly. Explore your feelings and thoughts with questions and answers. You can even start a conversation with your higher self, God, spirit guides or angels.

7) Hug

If you need a quick endorphin boost or simply want to ward off a cold, then give someone a hug. A hug a day may be the solution to keeping your immune system in shape while encouraging good feelings. Not sure who to hug? Here are some ideas: family, friends, neighbors or strangers. Wear a “Free Hugs” sign if you need to. There are willing huggers everywhere.

8) Affirmations

While you’re getting ready, say a few kind words to yourself in the mirror. Try out, “I love you,” “You look beautiful today,” “I am joyfully confident,”  or “I am happy, healthy, and wise.” Or any variation that feels best.

9) Brush Your Teeth

In the morning. After lunch. At night. At minimum once, but more often is better. A healthy mouth makes for a healthy body. Plus, you get a boost of good feelings by simply caring for yourself in such a simple way.

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10) Watch the Sunrise

If you have to get up early for work, then why not wake up early enough for the sunrise? The peacefulness present in the mornings is unmatched at any other time of day. Problem to solve? Insights are more common during this period of quiet contemplation with your body and mind fixated on nature’s beauty.

11)  Play

Before you head out the door for a long day at work, errands and activities, take your dog out into the backyard for a good play. Wrestle with your kids before school. Tease your mate. Play a game that’s fun and stimulating. Get yourself in a playful mood. And follow the advice of Mr. Alan Watts: “This is the real secret of life – to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. And instead of calling it work, realize it’s play.”

12) Laugh

Laughter warms the heart and fills the body with delight. If you want to be a true advocate for laughter therapy, get together an early morning group of friends with the sole purpose of laughing. Meet in a park or someone’s home. And laugh.

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