12 Surprising Uses for Chalk


Perhaps you think you’ve graduated from chalk — after all, who needs the stuff when you’re no longer interested in playing hopscotch?! But chalk isn’t all fun and games. Indeed, there are several practical and clever ways to use chalk around the house. Click through to check out some of them.

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1. Prevent Musty Closets. A bundle of chalk in a closet will go a long way in preventing the mustiness that all too often occurs in closets.

2. Remove Grease Stains. Removing grease stains is often tricky business. Rub chalk on the clothing item’s affected area and let it sit for about 10 minutes. This should help absorb some of the grease. Before throwing it in the washing machine, wipe off the excess dust.

3. Stop Silver from Losing its Luster. Keep a bundle of chalk in the same place that you store your silver. It’ll absorb the moisture and prevent the silver from tarnishing.

4. Clean Pewter. Make a paste with a ground-up piece of chalk and vodka. Rub on pewter, rinse it off, and polish.

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Home Improvement.

9. Mark Furniture Placement. Redecorating? Use chalk to outline where you’re going to place your furniture. It’s a great way to get a realistic idea of how to plan a room.

10. Sand a Surface Evenly. Rub chalk on the surface you are sanding. Continue to sand until it’s all gone, and voila — an even surface!

11. Keep Your Toolbox Rust-Free. As we pointed out earlier, chalk absorbs moisture. So, a little bundle of chalk in your toolbox will help prevent the development of rust on your tools.

12. Keep Screwdrivers Stable. Tired of your screwdriver slipping when you’re turning a screw? Rub some chalk on the head of a flathead to prevent that.

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More Clever Ways to Use Chalk.

5. Prevent Ant Infestations. For some reason, ants don’t like to cross chalk lines. Draw some on around your doorways, windowsills and wherever else the ants are coming in from to stop them in their tracks.

6. Label Reusable Jars. How’s this for clever: brush some chalkboard paint (for a DIY version of the paint, click here!) onto your reusable jars. Then, use chalk to write what each jar contains at the time. Want to use it for something else? Simply erase and rewrite.

7. Create a Barbecue “Safety Zone.” Children don’t always realize that they shouldn’t get to close to a grill. Draw a chalk line a few feet around the perimeter of the grill to make a designated “safety zone.”

8. Cover Up Wall Scrapes. Can’t stand the sight of those little nicks and scrapes on your walls? For a quick fix, find a piece of chalk that matches the paint color and just draw it in.


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